Above are two pieces recently finished in the Hand Quilting frame. 
A Boston Red Sox Tee Shirt Quilt at the top. 
Directly above is a memory piece custom made for a Penn State Alumnus.
To see your memory pieces constructed into a quilt, call 941-330-0993.

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   Bargello Runner - $85   (1 space left)
Tuesday June 20 and 27.  1-4 pm
  Price includes Bargello book, fabric kit with precut strips, instructions.  FREE open sewing on Thursdays to finish the runner if needed. 
  Suitable for confident beginners.  The bargello is basically strip pieced.  The strips are already precut for you so the first step is just to sew them together.  From the sewed strip set,  a second set of strips is cut in a variety of sizes, a 2 inch cut, 1.5 inch cut, 1.0 inch cut, etc.  The second set of varying sizes is what makes the wavy or bargello pattern.  
   Bargello quilts are not hard to make.  The most important thing is to stay organized.  Those numbered pins are invaluable for keeping track of the many rows. 
   This bargello runner fabric is in red/green/gold/black colors, perfect for the fall and holidays.
   The class includes a bargello book (retail 24.95) with many more patterns to make after you learn the technique with the runner.

Monday June 12 and Wednesday June 14
12 noon - 3 pm
   Suitable for beginners.  New sewers can make this spacious bag with no zippers and no hardware!  Fee includes fabric strips of your color choice, pattern, grid interfacing, fusible fleece, instructions, and FREE open sewing days to finish the project if needed. 
   Strip sets of bali poppies are perfect for this bag.  Wide assortment of color choices.

    PRIVATE CLASSES - $12/hour
  Beginning Sewing, How to use your sewing machine, T shirt quilt, Memory Quilt, Beginning Quilting, Finish a Project, Free Motion Quilting, or whatever your specific needs happen to be.
  Call 941-330-0993 to set a date and discuss your individual needs.

Row by Row

Row by Row

Begins Wednesday, June 21
This annual event runs from the first day of summer until the day after Labor Day in September.  
The theme this year is "On the Go."  Each participating shop designs a row approximately 9x36 inches.  Shoppers travel and pick up a FREE pattern from each shop visited and make a quilt using at least eight (8) different rows.  A quilter who first submits a quilt to any shop wins a stack of 25 fat quarters.  If that shop's row is in the quilt, then the quilter wins a bonus prize.
The rules can be viewed on the website "Rowbyrowexperience.com."  All the Florida rows are displayed on the Florida Facebook:"Florida /Row by Row Experience."

If you are on a road trip, call ahead and we will stay and wait for you.  941-330-0993

Share our Sewing Room

We have moved and enlarged our sewing and class room to the East side next to the double glass doors.  Lots of natural light and more space!.  Join us on Thursday to work on your project with help from our educators. 
    Thursday from 1-4 pm
    Fee:  $8 per session.  No charge if you are finishing a project from one of our classes!

Limited to 4 individuals.  Please call 941-330-0993 to register!
   This week one person was finishing a double wedding ring quilt from class, another was working on a crib quilt, Ella was repairing seams on an old quilt.  We had a review of how to sew borders, then a welcome break of Yorkshire tea and Scottish shortbread.   

     Use our machines, or bring yours. 

If this is your first time, please tell us what you are working on to make sure we can match your needs with a staff member.  This session is not appropriate for someone who has never made a quilt or for someone who needs one-on-one instruction.  Call 941-330-0993 for a Private Lesson.



Check out our assortment of blenders.  We make many Custom Quilts and use a lot of blenders!  Stonehenge by Northcott, Dimples by Andover, Basic Backgrounds Tone on Tone in White, Neutral, Off White, Muslins, Timeless Treasures Fairy Frost.  Love those Metallic Blenders!

Summer Events

Row By Row

Kickoff day begins Wednesday June 21.  We are in the final stages of designing the row in conjunction with John Sims and the students at Ringling School of Art.  Watch newsletters for more information as the summer progresses.

     License plates are available for sale now.  There is no date restriction on the sale of plates.  We have two designs.  Call 941-330-0993 if you want a plate sent to you.  $5.95 each.

    Christmas preview will be the first week of July.  Demonstrations, food, door prizes, view new fabrics.  Stay tuned. 


Please Note


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday
Open 10 am - 3 pm

Thursday and Friday
Open 10 am - 5 pm

Other hours by request or appointment

We are frequently in the shop sewing and quilting beyond these hours.  You will know we are still there working if the lights are on and there is a car and/or golf cart parked outside the East door.  Feel free to join us.

If there is something you need beyond these hours, please call 941-330-0993 and we will wait for you. 

To the Row by Row collectors, please call ahead and we will gladly wait for you.


  Alma Sue's Quilt Shop offers a full line of QUILTING SERVICES.
  - Hand Quilting by Amish QUILTERS
  - Quilt Repair and Restoration
  - Quilt Binding
  - Complete your Unfinished Projects and TOPS
  - DESIGN and finish a CUSTOM Quilt
- Free Motion Quilting
- Long Arm Quilting

Check out our section of HANDMADE QUILTS in all sizes and price range.  From BABY quilts to King size.  Need another color or size?  Let us design one for you. 

  We design and make CUSTOM QUILTS.  All work is done right here in our Sarasota store, in the PINECRAFT community amid displays of finished quilts.  Visit us and watch accomplished quilters at work.

Yes we have lots of fabric from the major mills, since we pull from our stock on the floor to make the quilts.  And an entire WALL of FLORIDA and seaside prints. 

Wide range of BATTING choices:  Hobbs Heirloom blend in cotton, wool, silk, Battalizer, synthetic, Quilters Dream Batting.  We can help you select the proper batting for your project.  Because we use a high volume of batting, our prices are significantly less than those in the chain stores.  We carry batting NOT FOUND in chain stores.

   Closed Sunday and Holidays

Summer hours begin May 1
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 10-3 pm

Thursday and Friday 10-5  

We will be in the shop, busy sewing samples and making quilts.  Please feel free to join us if the lights are on.  ENTER through the single door on the EAST side.  The door where the golf cart and employee cars are parked. 
Check our Facebook page to see current quilts in the hand frame, new kits and new quilts tops made by us and our customers and upcoming classes. 
Search for "Alma Sue's Quilts Shop"

Newsletter Signup

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Long Arm Quilting Service

Prepare Quilt Top and Lining
   Seam lining as needed (remove selvage, press seam OPEN)
   Lining must be 4 inches larger than top on all sides 
   Can extend lining by sewing muslin strips on all sides (can remove strips after quilting is finished)
DO NOT BASTE layers together.  Each layer is loaded onto frame separately.

Batting:  Choose from our wide selection of AMERICAN MADE batting.  No warm and natural, no batting with scrim, no batting with adhesives.  Our machine will not produce a good quality stitch with these fillers.

Quilting:  Choose simple stitching, pantograph design, computerized design, or custom hand-guided designs.  (Price range 0.015 - 0.03 per square inch.)


Quilt Consultation

Quilt Consultation
Questions about quilt age or pattern or general information about your quilt, how to mark it, suggestions for batting, construction, quilting, or repair. 
Available on THURSDAY.  Fee is $8.
Please call 941-330-0993 for appointment.
Walk-in without  appointment = fee is $25.00

We are not certified quilt appraisers and cannot state a value for your quilt. 
To find a quilt appraiser:  GOOGLE "Quilt Appraiser Sarasota"

LIKE our Facebook page.  We post photos of current projects, quilts in the frame, and class projects on our FB page = Alma Sue's Quilt Shop