Fibber McGee Sale Saturday Nov. 7

Fibber McGee Sidewalk Sale

November 7
10 - 3

remaining short bolts, selling out at $2.95/yard!
The company owner called and said "sell them out, our warehouse is moving" 
There are 90 bolts left, each has from 3-5 yards of fabric.   
And here's the kicker! 
Owner says, give them a yard FREE! 
If it says 5 yards, charge for 4 yards.  If it says 4 yards, charge for 3 yards.
Ideal for quilt backings, kids quilts, face masks, blenders, 3-yard quilts, sewing groups, charity sewing.  Maybe you sell fabric on ebay or etsy, or make and sell face masks.  Go ahead and buy some, this price is cheaper than wholesale directly from fabric companies. 
The fabric is high quality, 100% quilters cotton.

GRUNGE selected colors still on sale - $8/yard until sold out    

Annual clearance sale
No, we are not liquidating the shop. 
Covid has changed buying habits and the product mix, so we are simply adapting to the change.  I wasn't sure if the new buying habits were going to be temporary, or are they permanent?  Now after 8 months of data, my guess is people will continue with these buying habits for some time.

A partial list of clearance items

Selected books = $3  Buy one, get one FREE
Selected patterns = $1 each
  Lots of scraps = about $2/pound
various quilt kits, runner kits = various $$
Hello Kitty make a fleece throw kits = $5
Make a Kitty cat stuffed animal kit = $5 
finished wall hangings, table runners
quilt tops pieced ready to quilt
close out on all hand embroidery items
Advent calendars - sewed, ready to quilt

Sewing machines includes 2 featherweights
1960s Kenmore sewing machine in cabinet
(all machines and serger have a 30-day guarantee)
FREE metal desk (heavy bring help to load it)
piano, small studio designed for NY apts but sounds like a baby grand
misc tools, gadgets, sewing stuff
still sorting.......

How to decide what to clearance?  Since Covid, we do brisk selling online.  The online inventory and buying habits are completely different from the in-store shopper.  In store we may sell one each of dozens of book titles.  Online we literally sell dozens of one or two book titles.  As Laurie on Shark Tank says, find that hero and sell the heck out of it.  By now we know what are the heroes!  So in the interest of space, we are keeping in shop only those books and patterns that sell briskly online. Best sellers online:  Fat Quarter Baby, Precut Primer, and Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns.  To see what we have online at Etsy, go to and click on Shopping link.  It will take you to our shopping website  Or you can go directly to  Or go to Etsy platform, type in Alma Sue Shop to see all the products on Etsy.  We also sell on several other platforms and social media but those are categorized by product.  So if you are searching for a product and we happen to be selling it the search will take you to us for a purchase.

How does one decide what to sell online?  Sometimes trial and error.  On a whim I listed hand quilting needles of my favorite brand.  Thinking of that quilter in South Dakota who lives 50 miles from town.  The only car coming down her road every day is the mailman.  Bingo.  She buys hand quilting needles and not just one pack, but 6 packs, for fear they may go out of stock!  Some of the specialty brands aren't carried by her local quilt shop, but she can always find that brand online.

Buying online and having everything delivered to the front porch reminds me of my mother's convenience.  Because many families had only one car, and Dad used the car to get to work, there was a full force of delivery trucks on the road getting items to each house.  Early every morning the milkman came.  He had the typical array of dairy products, sour cream, butter, but no yogurt!  The bread man delivered our baked goods, I don't remember how often he came.  Bread was the main item delivered, we used a lot of bread because Dad and the 4 of us went to school or work with a packed lunch that always had a sandwich.  The brown bags were lined up on the counter with our name so we could grab the bag on the way out the door to the bus.  Then there was the Jewel Tea truck who brought all the seasonings, coffee, tea, puddings, jello, cake mixes, and eventually the company expanded into kitchen items, dishes, mixing bowls, etc.  Because we lived near Lake Erie, the fish man came usually on Friday with a van load of fresh fish on ice.  There was the Spector dry goods van peddling fabrics and sewing items.  I remember the shock I felt as a child when the milkman and bread man stopped their routes.  We had to get in the car, drive to town and buy these basics at the Lawson or Isaly store.  So when you think back, the business of delivering goods to everyone's house as needed is not a newly invented idea!  We also had all the mail order catalogues to browse through, Sears, JC Penney, Spiegel, Aldens, Burpees for seeds and once each spring we got about 50 chicken peeps to raise for eggs and meat.  They came in the mail also, in a big cardboard box with ventilation holes.
So to the millennials who think they invented the convenience of delivery to your front door, wrong.  It has been in place for at least 100 years or more!  It's only the ordering that is different.    

Anyway, back to Saturday's sale.  If you have something to sell, bring a table and set it up on the sidewalk and take advantage of the foot traffic coming through.  It's outside so you can set up as far apart as you wish..

The next class is Double Wedding Ring with Dena on Monday and Tuesday. January 11 and 12, from 10-4 at the Carlisle Conference Center.  Stay overnight at the hotel if you wish.  The conference room is open for sewing until 11 pm. 
We are working on dates for One Block Wonder with panels and Attic Window with the Windswept panel from Northcott.  All classes are at the Carlisle Inn Conference Center. 

Is your group having a retreat at the Carlisle Inn?  Give us a call (041-330-0993) and we will arrange a private shopping day for you.  Even though we are open to the public only on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we open our doors to private shopping for groups, guilds, classes, friends, and even just for you.  We are usually in the shop shipping and sewing every day.  Give a call, and if we answer the phone we will be there for your shopping convenience.  

COVID hours Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10-3. 
Not sure what hours we will have later this year.

Oh one more thing, we put a survey on FB asking which new line of blenders to bring in - Artisan prisma batiks or Fossil Ferns.  Since the survey was about evenly divided we decided to drop most of Grunge and bring in both batiks and fossil ferns!  The first shipment of fossil ferns arrived in boxes ready to open!  The new batiks are slower, most will arrive later this month.