Alma Sue August Update

August Update

This has been a crazy 2020 so far for sure!  We are finally getting back to doing some of our routine work sitting there waiting - custom quilts, t shirt quilts, repairs, baby quilts to sew, kits to make, trying to keep up with inventory online.  Not complaining, just amazed at the number of new individuals who have discovered the creative joy of sewing - all because of wanting to make masks!  Machines have come out of closets; Moe has been busy getting them tuned up or refurbished.  He also started a scissors sharpening service.  I sent my pinking shears to be sharpened, not knowing what to expect with all those little teeth.  Wow, they make a nice clean cut once again. He picks up and returns items each Tuesday.  Bring your scissors, tie a tag with your name and put in Moe's box at the cash register.  Sharpening fee = $5/pair
Our first class at Carlisle Inn Conference Center on Monday went well.  Faye did the One Block Wonder with panels.  Each student had two 6-foot tables spread apart at a good distance from the next individual.  Safety measures were provided:  sanitizer and wipes, gloves, face shields, disposable masks.  It was a full day of pinning, cutting, and sewing triangles.  Next week for part 2 students will begin to design the hexagons around the panel.  Some of the panels being used are a black bear, white heron, red christmas truck, santa with toys, nativity scene, bike on the beach scene, red poppies - can't wait to see all the designs next week.

A new session of OBW with panels is scheduled for Monday Sept. 28 and Monday Oct. 5 from 10-4 at the Carlisle Inn.  Class is limited to 10 students.  Same price $95 includes lunch.  Same deal - buy 4 panels, get 3 free, available at the time class fee is paid.  Call 941-330-0993 to be included in this next session.

We plan to have classes at the Carlisle Inn at least in the foreseeable future.  So please, if you are interested in a class, let us know and we will do our best to schedule it if enough interest exists.  Sure, you can do free classes online or even pay for Facebook classes, and that's great - but there is still nothing like a class in person.  Here are some of the things we are talking about.  Send me an email if any interest you, or if you have another idea.  
MegaStar (Lone star) class Confident beginner-Intermediate (Faye)....Double Wedding Ring class Confident beginner-Intermediate (Dena)....Make a baby Quilt in a Day Beginner....3-yard Quilt in a Day Confident Beginner....Open Sew work on your own project....Magic Half Square Triangles (learn numerous ways to assemble them into quick quilts) Beginner....Finish your quilt (Borders, free motion quilting, binding).... Other suggestions?  Are any of you interested in a machine embroidery class?  Let us know!     

So here it is August nearly gone.  I usually spend most of the month up north with my two brothers and cousin, going to family reunions, etc.  This year everything was cancelled so I opted to do a staycation.  How's that working out?  Well i wind up going into the shop many days, but have been making progress cleaning out files and shelves from my home office...20 years of paperwork, FDA rules, procedures, etc. from consulting and QA work, 15 years of records from the quilt shop since nearly everything is now digital.  Today I can report that a table top obscured for about 7 years is finally visible!  And a file cabinet nearly empty - everything essential fits into a bankers box.  The shredder cabinet at the shop has been filled to the brim.  ProShred service comes once a month on the 15th to shred the contents.  There is usually plenty of room for more papers so if you need to have anything shredded, just bring it to Alma Sue's and drop it into the cabinet slot.  The cabinet is locked so the contents cannot be retrieved except by the company with a key.  A certificate of destruction is emailed after the items are shredded.

We are still open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 - 3 and any other time by appointment.  Most days someone is there shipping, sewing, and quilting, so if you need something just give a call to make sure we are there, or take a chance and stop by.  You can usually tell if someone is there by the cars parked at the East single door.  We keep the West double doors locked when not open, but the East door is always open if there are cars in the parking lot.  

Watch for a huge tent sale in October, date not yet determined.  We are bringing in several hundred short bolts again from a manufacturer - bolts with about 4 yds each, mostly new fabric just released in the past few months.  They are called "short bolts" because when they wrap a bolt in 12 or 15 yards, it doesn't come out even and there is always a small amount of fabric left on the huge roll.  These are wrapped onto a board and called "short bolt."  Many high volume shops online do not want these bolts, so they can offer them to the smaller retail shops at a good price.  When I am able to purchase fabric on sale I pass on the savings to you.  These bolts are offered to you at $4-5 per yard, with the stipulation to take the entire bolt.  At this price we don't have the time to cut and measure small amounts.

In my cleaning out I unearthed a little book purchased many years ago upon my first retirement (second retirement not yet) called "Rules for Aging" by Roger Rosenblatt.  A little guide to help those wishing to age successfully.  Chapter 2 is entitled "Nobody is Thinking About You"
"Yes I know you are certain your friends are becoming your enemies, that your grocer, garbageman, clergyman, sister-in-law and your dog are all of the opinion that you have put on weight, that you have lost your touch, that you have lost your mind, furthermore you are convinced that everyone spends two-thirds of every day commenting on your disintegration, denigrating your work....I promise you:  Nobody is thinking about you.  They are thinking about themselves - just like you."