Update to Open Hours

New Open Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

In order to avoid mental fatigue, we will be adding Friday to our "closed" list.  It is important for us to catch up on our routine work.  You along with us have logged many hours cutting and preparing PPE for healthcare facilities in our area.  Tidewell hospice is pretty well set, many thanks to all of you who pitched in and helped cut hundreds of isolation gowns and masks.  We are now diverting attention to isolation gowns for Children's Hospital and surgical caps for Sarasota Memorial.  Teresa is taking charge of those projects.  If you can do garment sewing and are willing to help sew the surgical caps, call 041-330-0993.   

Good news on elastic for face masks, and I believe face masks will be around for some time.  The USA is now producing elastic, somewhere in South Carolina.  Our first batch came in today.  I have learned more about elastic in the past few weeks than I ever wanted to know!  For face masks, KNITTED elastic is the best.  It is soft and does not chafe the ears.  We used whatever was available in the beginning, most was the braided elastic.  Is your elastic wider than 1/4 inch?  We learned larger widths can be cut to size without fraying - the knitted and braided work well that way.  The non-roll elastic does not work when trimmed - it frays.  Hopefully we will be able to keep a steady supply for your use.  

Thanks to all those who made face masks from our donated fabric and elastic.  We supplied hospice, numerous doctors offices, essential workers, and now we will give a mask to anyone who needs one.  We will not sell face masks.  We have a bucket set out to accept donations.  There will be a steady need for face masks for who knows how long, there is especially a need for masculine masks.  The guys like camouflage or simply solids.

Online sales are off the charts.  And don't let anyone shame you about buying on Amazon - the majority of folks who sell on Amazon are just like us - the small businesses who recognize that Amazon does marketing and computer services far better than what we could possibly do, or afford to do on our own.  On behalf of their sellers they collect and pay the sales tax for each state that requires tax collection on internet sales.  A paperwork nightmare for the individual seller.  

Today at lunch we talked about how everything has come full circle.  As a child growing up we had our bread delivered by Nickles bakery truck, dairy products delivered by the milkman, dry staples, coffee and assorted pantry foods came from the Jewel T man and once a week the fish monger came by with the Lake Erie catch and we picked our weekly fresh fish for dinner.  And mom had clothes, fabric, and household essentials delivered by the mailman from her Sears & Roebuck catalog order.  Seeds from Burpee's came by mail.  And we even had our annual 50 chicken peeps come in the mail in a ventilated box.  They went under a heated lamp in the little chicken house in the back yard.  It wasn't a bad system after all!  One could get whatever was needed by mail because the Dads had to use the one car to get to work.  Now we call it the internet and think we invented something since what we need simply arrives at our front door!

Need a project?  Stop in Tuesday - Thursday where you will have our undivided attention to help you pick out colors.  Irene is usually hand quilting - today I got to quilt most of the day.  Teresa 1 keeps the longarm humming and Teresa2 is busy on the internet.  Need something to ship and don't want to trek to the post office?  We will be happy to ship it for you.  Have a bunch of papers to get rid of after tax season?  Drop them into our secure shredder bin.

That's all for now - stay safe.