Saturday Update on PPE

News and Update on PPE

A hearty "Thank You" to all the folks sewing masks, gowns, and cutting out patterns.  You are the real heroes.  All we are do is provide a common pick up and drop off location and help to coordinate everyone's efforts and source materials.  Its also giving our employees a job.

Thank you, thank you to the generous community who donated sewing supplies, bias tape, elastic, hem tape, thread, $$ donations, yes and even toilet paper!  My order for tp to put in the bathrooms was cancelled by our supplier.  Then magically someone appeared with tp.  Must have read my mind! 
Thank you to Northcott who donated 5 bolts of fabric to make masks.  And thanks again to Moda for donating elastic for masks.  

 Supplies, Elastic:  350 yds more elastic expected Monday. 
Thanks to LeRoy (Quilter Irene's husband) who volunteers to cut the elastic.
If you don't want to use elastic try using ties.  Make tie from 1/4 inch bias tape, 4 ties, each 12-18 inches long.  Sew at 4 spots instead of elastic.  Dawn is making masks with ties so they can be sterilized by autoclave.

Teresa put a video on FB showing how to sew the mask.  Go to your FB search bar and type in:  Alma Sue's Quilt Shop  
Video shows how to insert an adjustable nose piece, made from pipe cleaners (aka chenille stems)  Dawn is using twistee ties in the nose piece.  You can order the pipe cleaners from Walmart or Amazon.  I have a pkg of 400 coming next week, will let you know and will share those.
Suspect this mask production will continue for some time, even after quarantines are lifted.  We have a shortage of masculine masks.  If needing masculine fabric, we have lots!  motorcycles, cars, sunglasses, stripes, happy to give you fabric if willing to sew!

Here are some comments received about masks:
Make one side from muslin so user knows which side was against face when they take off mask and put it on again.
Depending on pattern elastic may hurt ears after many hours of use.  Try ties.
Put a nosepiece in mask so user can tighten against face.
Tidewell's pattern fits over the N95 masks.
Tidewell's pattern is ample and the elastic does not pull on the ears.

Please accept my apologies if you asked for pattern and it didn't get sent.  Found some requests in my spam box this morning.  My evenings are spent sourcing more materials; nearly everything is sold out, bias tape, elastic, twill tape...found some supplies on ebay.  These aren't the usual notions that quilting suppliers carry in large volume. 

We are here 10-3 Tuesday - Friday.  Closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday.  Call or email any requests.  We have a system, I pull orders and write up requests.  Mary and Teresa fill orders and set bags outside.  If you sent an order request and didn't get a response yet, please email again.  I am fielding requests and calls from my ipad, iphone, computer and telephone at work and computer at home, depends where I am at the moment.  Clearly too many devices!  Found several requests in the spam bucket.  It is helpful if you write in email what is needed:

mask pattern, mask elastic, or mask fabric
isolation gown pattern
isolation gown fabric, willing to cut gown pieces from fabric

request via telephone:  941-330-0993
request via email:
request via FB:  "Alma Sue's Quilt Shop"

Tidewell is in need right now to have gowns cut from fabric.  They have a bevy of sewers lined up ready to sew together pattern pieces, and asked if we could please cut the gown pieces so they can be assembled quickly.  Looking for 150 gowns to be cut.  Keep all the pieces for one gown together, bring to shop.  We will add notions to finish neckline and ties and pass on the kit to Tidewell sewers.  If you can help out by cutting gowns from the pattern, we will give you the fabric, or you can use any of your novelty fabric at home.  Doesn't have to match, makes it more interesting to have sleeves cut from a different print! 

Stay well.