Update on PPE

Update from Tidewell and SRQ MH

Tidewell's needs:  Still looking for about 100 more face masks.  Then want to put forth an effort to sew 150 isolation gowns.  The following fabric is available: 
a local hotel donated some torn sheets they cannot use.  Can work around the damage to make gowns.  Tidewell has other fabric arriving to review.  Many yards of seersucker was shipped today from Robert Kaufman in California, hopefully will arrive this week or next week.  Thanks to Carol Cama for getting this shipped out of Kaufman's closed warehouse!  More bolts of 200 thread count muslin (AvaLon) coming from Marshall - these are seconds but patterns can be cut around any blotches.

Yes we have elastic and are giving that out free to anyone who needs it to make masks.  Thank you to Tom Matheny from Moda fabrics. . .Moda donated a huge roll of 1/4 inch elastic to make masks and to put into the cuffs of gowns.  Northcott has offered free fabric to those making PPE.  Remember these companies after this subsides, lets support them!  They are going through a rough time also because quilt shops are not buying fabric to restock shelves at this time. 

Tidewell has requested that we cut the gown pieces from their pattern and make "kits" for sewing ladies to pick up.  They need 150 gown kits.  Each kit has:
Fabric for one gown
Two - 6 inch pieces of elastic for cuffs
2 yds twill tape (or hem tape) for waistline ties
1/2 yd double wide bias tape for neckline

OR if twill tape not available then kit will have:
fabric, 2 pieces of 6 inch elastic, 2 1/2 yds double wide bias tape

If you have any of these sewing supplies cluttering up a sewing box and don't think will use them, we can make gown kits.  One pkg of twill tape or bias tape has 3 yds, enough for 2 gowns.  Twill tape and bias tape are hard to source right now.  Sold out almost everywhere.  Elastic supply easing up, most suppliers say will have plenty after April 14.

If you want to make isolation gowns, I am offering free of charge the fabric and peripheral supplies to sew them.  The pattern is on my computer and I will be glad to send it to you.  Or if you simply want to cut out the gown pieces to put into a kit, we need cutters.  Can stop in and get fabric to cut them out.  We have a master pattern, or I can send you the pattern online.  I have staff making more master patterns to hand out with fabric so we can get many kits cut.  Tidewell has some sewing folks willing to assemble and sew the gowns from the kits.  A note about the seams:  no raw seams to ravel, they should either be french seams, serged seams, zigzagged seams or flat fell seams.  These gowns will be sanitized and laundered many times so the seams need to withstand that treatment. 

Thread?  synthetic thread will hold up better than pure cotton thread which weakens with bleach and sanitizing treatments.  We use 3-ply 50 weight poly thread or poly wrapped cotton core, any brand, Maxi-lock, Mettler, Superior, Coats dual duty, whatever you have.  Brand is not important.

If you need elastic, call shop 941-330-0993, or send email EllaMillerToy@aol.com and we will pack it up and put in a bin outside with your name on it.  If you need fabric to make face masks, we will give that to you also!
If you need fabric and misc to make gowns, same thing, call or email.
If you have a donation of bias tape, thread, etc. can drop it off in the same bin or bring inside.
If you have any finished face masks, can bring inside or drop off in bin outside.  Tidewell looking for 100 more soon.  Sarasota Mem Hospital also asking for face masks.  Can take to their drop off box.  They cannot use them for clinicians, but ancillary staff can use them and SRQMH passes on to other facilities who need them.

We are open 10-3 Tuesday through Friday.  Staff agonized over whether we should just close down or what to do.  Since someone is in the shop everyday shipping, quilting, and sewing, we thought just be there for anyone who needs to pick up or drop off.  Both East and West doors are unlocked but the lighted neon sign is not turned on.  For hours other than Tuesday-Friday, If there is a car in the parking lot and/or bikes outside, then someone is in the shop.  East door is usually unlocked when someone working in shop.

Thank you to those non-sewers who have made donations to purchase supplies!  If you or someone in your family needs a face mask and you can't make them, we will give one to you at no charge.  I just rec'd a message from SIL who says no one in her community is sewing face masks and people are using tissues and bandanas or whatever they can invent.  We are fortunate to have such a large group of accomplished people wiling to help.

I leave you with this:
It is not boring at all to stay in the house.  But how come a bag of rice has 7,456 pieces and the other bag 7,398?

Breaking news just in:  Gov. DeSantis has issued a stay at home order for the next 30 days, beginning midnight Thursday.  Floridians are asked to leave house only for essential services.  In some other states quilt shops sewing PPE have been deemed to be an essential service.  We still need to ship online orders and sew, but on the heels of this order we will not unlock the West side double doors.  More later soon as we know it.