PPE Update

Personal Protection Equipment Update

Good Morning, oops isn't morning anymore.  Busy sending patterns to those people requesting them in email.  I generally spend time in the morning, then again in the afternoon or early evening sending the patterns people who want them.  New information comes in daily.  So here's what I know.  Quilters in Venice are sewing a mask with an opening to insert a filter.  The pattern we were given does not have an opening for a filter.  Tidewell Hospice will take as many masks as we can produce.  They will take face masks that may be rejected by clinicians and hospitals.  Even though the handmade masks are not the same as the N95 isolation mask and may not fill the need of a hospital, there are many applications where they are being used.  Think clerical staff, cleaning personnel, office personnel, etc.

The U of FL Health Center is working on a mask made from surgical sterilization materials that blocks out as much as the N95 mask does.  There are folks trying to source that material with a suitable pattern.  Eventually there will be one or several patterns made from approved materials that will meet the FDA guidelines for medical equipment.  In the meantime, keep on doing what you are doing because something is better than nothing. 

Once you have made the face masks, can drop them off at Alma Sue's Shop.  Tidewell will make a weekly run to pick up the masks.  We aren't sure if should put a bin outside when we are closed so you can drop off masks?  Then we decided no, just drop in the bin so we can secure them before closing at 3 pm.  Unfortunately there are people out there who are taking advantage of the situation, will pick them up and try to sell them.  You are welcome to make masks for any other facility who may make a request, just go ahead and deliver the masks to them.  We will still give you elastic if needed, and also fabric if you need.  Giving out 1 yd of fabric from the clearance rack, 3 pieces of remnant, and elastic. 

Right now my elastic is almost depleted.  My shipment of 150 yds was cancelled by one distributor, says they are out of stock and can't fill order.  I was able to find some that is on the way, expect to have it early this week, 200 yards.  Keep trying to source more.  So where is all this elastic?  Do you still have a hank or pkg with the label?  Look on the label to see where it is made.  I was surprised to see we don't make elastic in this country anymore!  Bring that production back to the Carolinas!

In my trying to source elastic, I went to ebay.  There is a lot of elastic for sale on ebay.  One seller listed a "one yard" piece of elastic for 2.95, plus 2.95 shipping cost.  His post says more than 5,200 sold!  I wonder if the people who purchased this expected to get a hank, or a package of elastic.  Paying more than $5 for 36 inches of elastic which will make 2 masks is beyond comprehension.  Disappointed to hear of people trying to take advantage of unsuspecting folks trying to do a good deed.  So he has made more than $26,000 by selling 0.39/yard elastic for more than $5.  He's probably one of those hoarders who bought up all the hundreds of yards of elastic early on.  Ebay has a note on their website they have removed many items sellers are trying to peddle at this time, such as sanitizer, masks, etc at outrageous prices.  They request if anyone sees price gouging to let them know.  Did I report the elastic man to Ebay for price gouging?  You bet!

This just in from a fabric company.  Buy bungee cord, slice it open.  The bungee cord is full of many strands of flat elastic looks like about 1/4 inches wide.

So do the hoarders think they can create a business by buying up everything then selling to those in need for a profit?  And what's with the toilet paper?  I tried to purchase those commercial jumbo rolls for my bathrooms at the shop.  Completely sold out at my regular distribution sites.  So I got on Amazon thinking maybe my warehouses might be selling the jumbo rolls on that website.  Nope.  But I did see several enterprising individuals selling the jumbo rolls for as much as $25 a roll.  That's usually what I pay for a case!  So what are these people doing?  Running around and buying up all these supplies to resell at a profit?  Hope you folks have a good yard sale about September!

Dena and Mary are busy sewing isolation gowns.  We made a master pattern and if anyone wants to make gowns, feel free to contact me and I will email the pattern, it prints out in about 24 pages that need to be pasted together.  We did that then transferred the pattern to that red dot pattern interfacing.  Anyone is welcome to come in and trace the pattern from our master pattern.  It takes a long time to make patterns to give away so we won't be doing that.  Mary and Dena are busy sewing up the isolation gowns.  Both muslin and seersucker were approved for materials.  We have lots of wideback muslin for backing many of the quilts we make and finish, but for now will use it up in gowns.  I also ordered 200 yards muslin to arrive early this week.  Also ordered 200 yds seersucker, don't know when that will ship.  I am hoping to keep employees busy between sewing gowns, Teresa #1 busy on the long arm machine, Teresa #2 busy putting more items online and shipping.  If you have a quilt finished and don't want to pick it up, just let us know and we will ship it to you.  If you want to delay picking it up until this virus blows over, we will hold it for you.  Just let us know your preference when we call to let you know it is finished.  Hand quilting slowed down since most hand stitchers have gone north for the summer. We had a very busy season so now is a good time to catch up on the custom orders, some were for graduation, not sure how that will play out, and some are for Christmas.

One other item I want to share with you.  We have a monthly shredding pickup service.  There is a locked cabinet in the shop with a slot to drop off paper to be shredded.  ProShred unlocks cabinet and picks up monthly and sends a destruction verification.  If any of you have shredding needs, especially at this tax time, feel free to stop in shop and drop items into the cabinet.  No charge.  Just another service we can help with.

I tried to send the pattern to everyone who requested it.  If I missed you or forgot the attachment, please send request again.  My mailbox fills up fast.  Today I found some requests in my spam bucket and sent out those patterns.  Also if you want the gown pattern, email me.  I now have that downloaded so can attach it.  Someone asked for a surgical cap pattern.  I do have one that was sent, need to sort through pdf files and see where it is.  Soon as I find it will send it along to requestors.

My two brothers in Ohio and I keep in touch by text messaging every day.  Boy the internet has been a great tool during this time of isolation.  I'm guessing many seniors who are just now learning the power of internet will be using it more after isolation.  Anyway, Sam is like the comedian in the family and Jim tries to keep up.  Everyday we trade cartoons and funny stories, some I put on Facebook and you can see them at FB:Alma Sue's Quilt Shop. 

I am sure you know the Publix stores have senior shopping hours in the morning.  Anyway Saturday morning at 7:45 a young man got out of his car and tried to cut in front of the line.  An old woman beat him back to the parking lot with her cane. 
He came back and cut in front of the line again.  A senior man punched him in the gut and rolled him back to the parking lot.
The third time he tried to get in line, another senior tripped him with his cane.
The young man got up and said, "If you people don't stop trying to keep me from unlocking the door ain't nobody going to shop today."

And I leave you with this thought:
I heard a doctor on TV say to get through the boredom of isolation, we should finish things we started and thus have more calm in our lives. 
So I looked around the house to find all the things I started and not finished...so I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, the mainder of valumum scriptums, an a box ef chocletz.
Yu hef no idr how hekin fablus I feel rite now.
Send this to all wo need inner pece.  An telum yu luv em.  Yuppers.