Alma Sue Update

Every Day is a new Update

So we are trying to do what is best for everyone.  We think it is best to simply begin our summer hours now.  So, effective next week:

Store will be open from 10 - 3 daily, Tuesday through Saturday.
Closed on Mondays for shipping, sewing, cleaning, etc.

If you cannot or prefer not to come in and have a product pickup, just give us a call and we will be glad to ship it to you.  Or deliver it to you curbside.  Telephone - 941-330-0993

Needless to say, we have a lot of work to do since a major part of the business is quilting services.  Many custom quilts already on order for graduation and Christmas.  We still have hand quilters in town.  One by one they are going north but we managed to get a lot of work done this season with thankfully some new young stitchers.

Some decisions we have made to help through this time:

1.  Private one on one classes are cancelled until further notice
2.  Open sewing sessions are cancelled to the public
3.  Our classes have always been strictly limited to 4 students

Effective immediately - there are NO COMMUNITY TOOLS to use.  Please bring your own rotary cutters, rulers, mat, seam ripper, scissors, pencil, pen, etc to class.  We have sanitizer so you can wipe down your own tools as needed or desired.
For the One Block Wonder class, you will receive a new 60 degree ruler and the book.  Please provide your own 6x24 ruler or any other size that may be handy to use.  Maybe its a good time to buy one of those little "ruler safes" where you can secure rulers in a foam padded little case with handles.  It's a good way to store and transport the rulers.  Rulers are becoming very expensive, and it seems like every class or pattern wants you to use a special ruler - which you may never use again!  That's one of my pet peeves and a topic for another day!

Anyway, to recap:
Summer hours 10-3 Tuesday through Saturday, effective next week.
Private classes cancelled until further notice.
Open sewing cancelled until further notice.
No community sewing machines available for use.
No community supplies available for use in class.  Student provides own.

That's all for now.  Oh, I wanted to tell you about the African fabrics we acquired.  Kente cloth, Dutch wax batiks from Ghana, hand dyed damask from Gambia.  One-yard cuts are 12.50, fat quarters are 3.50.  The Ghana fabrics were brought for us by a traveler to Ghana.  The fabric from Gambia was sent to me by a distant cousin who was/is a missionary in Gambia.  A few stray pieces from Tanzania are from a shop in Harlem I did business with about ten years ago.  They imported fabrics from Africa.  The shop is now closed and I can't easily get African fabrics.  So anytime someone goes to Africa I ask them to fill an empty suitcase and I will take whatever they bring back.  These pieces won't last long, many have already gone out the door.  I will post some photos on Facebook tomorrow.  If you don't follow us yet, go to your FB search bar and type in "Alma Sue's Quilt Shop."  We do not have a private FB "club," it is an open FB site and you can make any comments or even post any photos you like.  Some people like private or exclusive clubs, I don't.  You can see what we are sewing every day, watch a video of your quilt being stitched on the long arm, see new fabrics that arrived, sign up for class, etc.  

Ok, that's all for now.  Ella for Alma Sue's