Short Bolt Sale Ongoing NOW!

Short Bolt Sale Begins NOW
through next week Saturday, Feb. 8

So what is a "short bolt?"  When a warehouse wraps fabric into 12 and 15 yard bolts, it never comes out even and there is always a small amount left.  This piece is wrapped and called a "short" bolt.  If you are willing to take them, these goods are sold at a discounted price.  I am passing on these savings to you!
These are 100% cotton fabrics, quilt shop quality, the same goods sitting on other quilt shop shelves at full price. 
Bringing to you for $4.95/yard.
Here's the deal.  The bolts contain from 2-5 yards of fabric each.  Must buy the entire bolt at this price.  At $24.75 for a 5-yd bolt, can't go wrong! 
Ideal for quilt backing, charity quilts, kids quilts, or general stash!  We just unpacked about 300 short bolts for your discovery! 
Sale begins NOW and runs through next Saturday, February 8. 

We are getting ready for the Quilt Show next week, Wednesday - Saturday, Feb. 5-8.

Location:  Palm Grove church/school house near intersection of Bahia Vista Street and Beneva Rd
Extending to Alma Sue's campus at 3737 Bahia Vista St.
To sell an item at Palm Grove:  Hours are 8 am - 5 pm MONDAY and TUESDAY.  Take your item to the Palm Grove schoolhouse.  They will measure, log in, display, and sell your item for a 25% commission fee.  Pick up your check and any unsold items on Saturday afternoon.

Sidewalk space at Alma Sue's is sold out.
  Our giant outdoor sidewalk sale begins THURSDAY, Feb. 6.  Vendors and some items will be out on Wednesday.  A clothesline was installed at the front of the store and will be hanging quilts and tops all along the building.  Many tops are samples made for classes and kits, reduced to a fraction of the cost, essentially to the cost of fabric or less.  Some have backs and binding, some are tops only.  All are ready for your quilting, or expand to a larger size with borders. 

All sizes from table runners and wall hangings up to queen size.  Wildlife, unicorns, Winter Twist Garden Lattice.....
also lots of finished pieces, including table runners, samples from class, seasonal pieces, Vintage quilts from the 1920s, 30s.  Many one of a kind kits last one of a series.  Kits with some blocks already assembled and sewed, everything priced for CLEARANCE!  

Fabric remnants sized and priced.  In previous years I had a "scrap" sale and sold these by the pound.  Now most are wrapped and sized. 
Other items on sale - beginning NOW through next week:

New shipment of widebacks all colors = $10/yard

SPECIAL:  Authentic Dutch wax batiks hand delivered from Ghana.  Some Kente cloth, some metallics.  All priced at 14.95/yard.

Tub of FQ = $1 each

We still have not emptied the fibber McGee so there are items we don't even know about that will be coming out for the sale.  Storage bin has 9 years of accumulated fabrics and stuff stashed away.... don't ask I don't know.  My goal is to get it all cleared out to use the space for items selling online.  Online shoppers are a different customer base so there are items for sale online that are not in the store.  Typically we don't sell a lot of yard goods online, mostly kits, panels, finished quilts, precuts, etc.  Our online shoppers are worldwide and we ship a lot of goods outside the USA.  

Speaking of buying online, I know you have a stack of those blue and white bubble packs that come from Amazon.  Please recycle them right here at Alma Sue's.  Pull off the adhesive address label (or we will pull it off) and drop off the bubble packs at Alma Sue's.  We ship to Amazon Prime customers and recycling a bubble pack saves us from buying new ones at 15-20 cents each.  Thank you!  The top perforations really don't rip well, but you can cut off the top of the pack with scissors. 

Take care of your quilting supplies, you are paying enough and if care is taken they should last your lifetime. 
Scissors:  once a month put a drop of oil on the screw and run oil up the blade.  Open and close a few times.  Sharpening?  For everyday scissors use a handheld sharpener with a ceramic rod.  But don't use this on your gingher scissors.  The best way to get them sharpened is take them to your local beauty shop.  Most beauty shops have a scissors sharpening service.  And don't drop your scissors on the floor, that throws the blades out of alignment; they never work properly after that.  
Mats:  manufacturer says take the mat, put it into a bathtub with soapy water, then use a nylon net scrubbie and get all the lint out of it.  Rinse and air dry.  Keep the lint out of your mat by not cutting anything except cotton fabric.  No fleece, no batting, no flannel, nothing with lots of lint to get trapped in the mat.
Rotary Cutter:  Same thing here.  Keep the blade sharp by NOT cutting fleece, paper, batting, flannel with the cutter.  I won't even mention "don't cut over a pin!"  One of the first cutters sold was the Olfa brand.  I still have the same cutter from 19 years ago, and I still have my mother's cutter from when they first appeared on the scene.  It pays to buy a good brand that lasts forever.  Many of the lesser priced brands fall apart after hard use. 
Cutter size?  I encourage using a 28 mm cutter; that will fill 99% of your cutting needs.  Most of the time you are not cutting more than 2-4 layers of cloth.  The 28 is safer to use.  A 45 mm cutter should cut up to about 6 layers of cloth.  Above that use a 60 mm.  Some quilters successfully use a 45 to cut 6 layers for the One Block Wonder Quilt - a 60 mm may make the cutting easier, assuming you are not making tiny 1-2 inch cuts of the hexagons.  I even like an 18mm cutter to go around the small corners.  And many times I gravitate to a SCISSORS!  instead of trying to cut around small pieces with a rotary cutter. 
Imagine that...scissors work  really well!

Cutter not cutting well?  Check to make sure there is only ONE blade in the cutter, not two stuck together.  Might want to check to be sure it is assembled correctly.  The package of blades should have a photo showing the sequence of washer and screw.  The quick change cutters are easier, but sometimes I make a mistake and pull on the wrong lever and the blade falls out.  Oops.  

We opened a new session of One Block Wonder and it was filled in a day, so I guess will be creating another session, making OBW using panels.  Usually I put the dates on Facebook and that is where it gets filled.  If you are interested in taking this class, call the shop (941-330-0993) or message on FB, and we will get you on the wait list for next class.  We just received a bunch of new panels for the class, turtles, hydrangeas, beach scene, sunset scene, etc.  They are posted on FB.  Go to your search bar, type in "Alma Sue's Quilt Shop" and it will take you to the home page.

I also need to tell you about Moda's "grunge" contest - make a quilt, or make many quilts using grunge fabric exclusively.  Must be original design, cannot be made from a commercial pattern.  Size cannot be larger than 240 inches circumference.  Prizes are $2,000 first place, $1,000 second place and $750 3rd place.  The winning quilts will be displayed at the Houston quilt festival in the fall.  Start to think about a design now, all must be in by September.  More info later.

Row by Row is now called "Quilters Trek."  Instead of a row each show makes 4 blocks.  No more "license plates" but a token is given free with each kit.  I don't know what this "token" is, guess we will find out later.  This begins end of May and is over end of August.  More details later.

Hope to see you soon.!
Ella for Alma Sue's