3 Dudes Class Tuesday

3 Dudes Class - $40
Still room for a student in the 3 Dudes class

Tuesday October 22 morning from 10-1 or
Tuesday afternoon from 1:30-4:30
$40 fee includes the fabric kit of Bali Poppies strips
For the absolute beginner!  One strip set makes a lap or crib size top.

A professional organizer defined what Spring cleaning is. 
S = Sort
P = Pare down
R = Recycle, Reuse
I = Identify location for items to keep
N = Next, select containers, label each,
place items into container as you sort
G = Give items to charity, guild, beginner,
family, thrift shop, etc. 

And please, NO GUILT!  You wanted it, you used it, you liked it, had fun buying it and that was your therapy.  Now its time to move on and let someone else enjoy it.  It's a problem of those who like many different things.  Have you been through the cycle of counted cross stitch, needlepoint, beads, crewel work, candlewicking, and finally settled on quilting?  No, you probably won't finish that needlepoint project, let someone else enjoy finishing it.  I remember how I got into making stuffed animals for the kids.  At a yard sale I bought an unfinished pattern and project for a teddy bear and a pound puppy.  Finished that one and made many more stuffed animals when the kids were small.  That is still the best dog and bear pattern, and that's the teddy bear pattern we use today in the shop when someone wants a memory bear from t shirts of clothing!
Out to the yard sale went all the bits and pieces from my needlepoint, counted cross stitch, candlewicking, and crewel work.  I did keep one needlepoint rug about 2/3 finished.  Determined to finish it one day, maybe in between binding quilts with little picots, then again maybe not!  Crocheting scrubbies and dish cloths are still something I do while watching TV - makes me think I didn't just waste my time doing nothing! 
Also keeps my hands nimble from arthritis pains.

So I have done SPRING cleaning at parent's house, ongoing SPRING cleaning at Alma Sue's Fibber McGee closets.  Next is dig into mom's sewing room at my house.  There are bins of unknown treasures sitting there waiting to be discovered!  My goal is to become a minimalist, both at the shop and at my house!  And if I don't designate where these treasures will go, I am certain my two brothers will get the job done in one day.  Get a backhoe and a dumpster! They have absolutely no concept for the value of fabric.  

A big thank you to those of you who deposit the results of your Spring cleaning in boxes at our front door.  We pass along many of these items to churches, to sewing groups, to our "free" table where anyone making a purchase can select a free item.  One church passes items along to immigrants, another makes quilts for the homeless, one makes pillowcase dresses and shorts for school children in 3rd world countries.  Numerous sewing groups are busy making hygiene and school kits distributed by MCC (Mennonite Central Committee).  Last year more than 69,000 hygiene kits and 78,000 school kits were made and shipped to schools and orphanages in Jordan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Haiti, Canada, Zambia, the USA, and more.
So don't feel guilty cleaning out your closets - someone will put all these items to good use!  The fabric you donated in those boxes on our doorstep went into making many of these kits.

More OCTOBER classes
The Basics $20
Tuesday morning October 29, 10-1 
Bring your tops or blocks and learn how to set in sashing and borders to keep your top flat. 

Mini Class Dog Leash - $8
Thursday morning October 24, 10-12:30
Holiday leashes for all the dogs in your life.  This is the day the German film crew is shooting at Alma Sue's as a part of the Pinecraft scene

October 31 Thursday Trick or Treat
Come in costume and get a free treat