Correct dates for our Vacation

Important Notice

Alma Sue's will be closed to retail for 3 weeks beginning

Monday, August 19

Reopen Tuesday, September 10

The previous date was wrong.  Don't ask me what I was looking at?  Trying to get everything in its place before we head out to various cities and venues.  We are closed from August 19 until the week after Labor Day.

If you have a pickup (repair, quilting, binding, etc) please come and get it before Monday August 19.  We have A LOT of pickup bags waiting for you!

After August 19, you can email me at
and I will make sure someone is at the shop to get it for you.  Staff will be in and out, sewing, shipping online sales, cleaning, re-arranging, etc. but the timing is open ended.

NO, we are not going to sell online only!  Our focus is on "quilting services" and we plan to stay in the community and offer our services for many years.  The goal is to take everything up a notch by providing a faster turnaround time and increasing the ability to handle more volume, keeping prices reasonable.  We are maxed out with the volume we can handle right now.  Hopefully the new machine will allow us to do more. . .faster! 

If you want to sign up for a class, email Ella and we will get you on the list!  Many of you are signing up by Facebook messaging and that works well!  The class samples are displayed on FB.
There is one class scheduled during this 3-week time period, and that is definitely a GO.  On September 5, Thursday 10-1 the hot pad mini class will be in session.  There may also be private classes during this time period.  If you are scheduled for a private class, be assured it will happen.

Please don't hesitate to email me, or FB message us if there is a class you want to take.  Faye, Dawn, Teresa, and Duke can teach just about anything, including paper piecing, needle turn applique, free motion quilting, machine maintenance, etc.

Have a good remaining summer, and lets keep the bad storms away!