Summer Class Schedule

Summer Classes

Showering Stars - $85 - Confident Beginner
 June 28, July 5, 12, 19
Friday 1-4 pm with Faye

Fee includes fabric for quilt top (strips and background fabric from Moda Sweet Pea and Lily collection), pattern, and instructions.  Photo on FB.

National Sew Days - $5/session (plus kit fee)
Thursday 1-4 pm
July 18, 25, August 1, 8, 15

Week 1, July 18 (Faye).  Cell Phone Clutch.  Handy to take your phone and keys when venturing out and don't want to take your purse. 
(kit with pattern and interfacing = #5).  Takes 1/4 yd fabric.

Week 2, July 25 (Ella).  Hot pads.  Learn how to make the hot pads we sell in the shop, then you can make a stack from seasonal fabric for gift giving.  Free pattern, use our batting scraps, pick hot pad squares.

Week 3, August 1 (Faye/Ella).  Dog Leash.  Show off your dog's FL Gators or OH Buckeyes loyalty.  Make a leash for every season.  Takes one swivel hook, 2.5 inch fabric strip and interfacing.  (kit = $3)

Week 4, August 8 (Faye).  Half apron.  Make a cute apron for every day or make a bunch for each season.  Gift a friend with a matching apron and hot pad.  Use your fabric (1/2 yd), or select something from the bolts. (pattern = $3)

Week 5, August 15 (Faye, Linda).  Placemat.  Use the bosal placemat forms to see how easy it is to sew up a set of mats for each season.  Choose from a variety of shapes.  Takes 2 FQ; use yours or practice with fabric from our scrap bins.  (placemat form = $3 each)

Finally summer slowdown is setting in.  We have been overwhelmed trying to keep up with sewing, quilting, and cutting fabric. 
Christmas Orders are CLOSED!
Fortunately the shop now has a bevy of super sewers who sew like the wind!  All 4 of us have pitched in to finish a huge order using Harley tee shirts for a quilt, 18 bears, 17 pillows, and several pound puppies! 

Not only are there numerous UFOs from customers to finish, but there is a stack of our own!  The problem with having a large storage area is that its too easy to shove stuff back there then forget about it.  We have been cleaning out the storage area seems like about a year now.  Finding lots of treasures don't remember from where or when they came.  Trying to reclaim the back storage area for picking bins to support the sales online.  

Thanks to the local quilters who are cleaning out their own sewing rooms.  We sort the donations, put useful vintage prints into the "repair" bin, and donate the rest to churches.  For the books, magazines or patterns not useful to churches, we assemble them on one counter with a sign to select something "free" with every purchase.  On this counter we also have our discontinued patterns and books. 

Did you know we have a daily or weekly "hot pick" throughout the summer?  Get ready for the patriotic holidays and sew up some placemats or pillowcases with any red, white, or blue fabric or patriotic print/panel (not widebacks) for $8/yard; this week's hot pick. 

Some of the hot picks so far were flannels for $8/yd, clearance fabric for $4/yd, FQ buy one get one, batting 20% off, books BOGO, patterns BOGO, etc.  These are usually unadvertised deals available to the walk in shopper.  Check the sidewalk chalk board.  Sometimes I put the hot pick on Facebook (FB: Alma Sue's Quilt Shop) but not always.  You can call in and ask what is the current hot pick.

 We started the wooden nickel specials on Wednesdays, then tried to have it on some Saturdays so the working women could take advantage of it.  Apparently the "wooden nickel" is stuck on Wednesday since many customers come in Wednesdays, bearing the wooden nickel wondering what is the special for the day.  Ok, I give in.  Guess it will be on Wednesdays and I will try to always have an extra special for the wooden nickels! 

The green bags are gone, so good for you if you happened to snag one.  If you have more than one, go ahead and share with a friend.  A green bag gets a 10% discount every day on non-sale items, even quilts!

Lost and Found:  Numerous sets of keys.  Giorgio Armani sunglasses in a case; prescription lenses so of use only to the owner.  

The Fed Ex and UPS drivers stop almost daily as new goods arrives.  Yesterday we got two boxes of Christmas fabrics.  Slow in coming, but putting it out as it arrives.  From Moda we have the popular Sweet Pea and Lily collection for the purple people, Lollipop Garden, A Day in Paris, kits and precuts.  White Sands from Northcott.  New batting - we are trying the Fairfield 80/20 Heirloom blend instead of Hobbs, same fibers but it comes directly from the manufacturer instead of the Hobbs batting which takes a round about route from the manufacturer to distributor in Ohio, then back to us in Florida.  We always have 100% wool in stock, Quilter's Dream cotton batting and black batting.  I order silk batting only as needed for a particular quilt.

It takes a village to make a quilt.  There are toppers, markers, quilters and binders.  So don't feel bad or guilty if you have a stack of tops.  My mother Sue was a topper.  She knew how to do everything, but liked working with patterns, fabric, and color, so she also left a stack of unfinished tops.  Guess I'd put myself in the category of a marker and stitcher.  I enjoy the art of marking the top to enhance the quilt pattern, and find that hand stitching is good therapy to balance the hectic work week.  So I make a point of getting to stitch in the frame in the summer - usually on Saturday.

Make a note of the dates from August 19-Sept. 7.  Many of us will be gone at various times so it seemed easier to just close down for several weeks instead of trying to juggle schedules.  We will still be sewing on our projects, sometimes in the shop and sometimes at home and still be shipping online sales, and still be conducting any classes scheduled during that time.  More information as we get through the summer. 

Call soon if you want to be one of the individuals in the quick project sewing sessions from July 15 - August 15.  Classes fill quickly!