Wooden Nickel Wednesday

Wooden Nickel Wednesday!

tomorrow is wooden nickel day
All fabric in clearance bin is $4/yard

Bin restocked with lots of novelties and kids fabrics.  Perfect for those of you who make charity quilts and pillowcases for kids!  Especially for boys.  One can always find lots of pinkie, cute prints for the girls, but not so easy to find suitable fabric for boys.  Small print boats, airplanes, cars, trucks, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and lots more.  We carry a good stock for boys because there are mostly boys in our family.  Two girls in two generations and 34 years.  And the guys love their quilts!

Summer hours have begun:  open until 3 pm on tuesday, wednesday, and saturday.  Open until 5 pm on thursday and friday.  Still closed on Monday - cleaning, shipping, sewing, quilting, always lots to do.

We are also running a "daily special," not advertised except on the sidewalk chalkboard.  Today's special is Widebacks, $10/yard.  Of course tomorrow's special is $1 off fabric in clearance bin.  On another day it is buy one get one free books, patterns, fabric, etc.  We still have some wooden nickels to hand out and everyone will get one tomorrow.  Eventually we will run out of wooden nickels, so get yours while the supply is still available. 

Lots of new fabrics and kits in the process.  A new whitetail deer panel and mule deer panel for the attic window kits.  We have a great golf kit, selling online, a few kits left in the store.  I usually put them on Facebook.

Putting out the patriotic fabrics - statue of liberty panels, blue stars on white, white stars on blue, red stars on white, white stars on blue, etc.  Perfect to make up a few pillowcases for the family.  See our samples.

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Summer time is vacation time and everyone is juggling schedules so we can each get a break going north or to Scotland!  Some of us are going to less exciting places like Ohio and Wisconsin!  One of the items on my bucket list has been to go to the Westminster Dog show in NYC in February, so am busy planning that trip for 2020.  

Have a good summer!