Summer Hours!

Summer Hours!

Begin today.  Open from 10-3 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  Open until 5 pm on Thursday and Friday.  Closed on Monday and major holidays.  But don't think we are all lolling poolside.. nope we are sewing up a storm trying to take a good bite out of our orders for Christmas.  If you want a custom piece for this holiday season, get orders in by JUNE 1! 
We are handing out NO orders for hand quilting at this time - the queue is long enough until the quilting ladies return in November.

Thank you to all who visited us this winter - we had a very busy season - overwhelming at times but we got through it.  We are now stocking up for the fall and next season; processing boxes and boxes of new fabric lines and restocking basics. 
FAIRY FROST REFILL IS HERE! For those of you waiting for snow and arrived Monday, Martina is cutting bunches of Fat Quarters. 

For those of you who want a jump start on sewing for Christmas, we are putting out all the Christmas fabric as it arrives. 
First out of the gate:  Christmas Cati-tude, cat panels wearing santa hats and strings of christmas lights.  A follow-up to Ann Lauer's successful Catitude line from Benartex.  Yes, we continue to carry the most popular prints in the original line - now in the 23rd printing.  Our best seller online. 

Lollipop Garden by Moda.  Bright spring prints and a beautiful butterfly quilt kit.
Sweet Pea and Lily by Moda.  Again, a great quilt kit, bundles of FQ, FE, jelly rolls, and coordinating bolts.  If you are a fan of purple this is your fabric line!  Dynamite pattern "Shooting stars" made from this collection is being sewed up by Faye for a class.  Stay tuned for date and time.

New French General prints.  Restocked the FG solids, blues, reds, pearl, tans.

Later Alligator by Moda.  Cute kids' line, pattern and FQ.
Sweet Tea by Moda.  A farmhouse look.  We have jelly rolls, honey buns, FQs, and patterns.  Turning into a kit using the Cobblestone pattern. 
Jungle Safari.  Baby panel and coordinates.  Being turned into a kit. 
Animal ABCs.  Baby flannel fabrics.  Being turned into a kit.

What is so hard for me is I don't recognize some of what is arriving, having ordered it 6+ months ago.  Taste in fabric changes so quickly that what I liked back then I am no longer fond of.  I prefer to order something already in stock that comes in quickly so I remember what kit or project the fabric was ordered for.  I generally like Zen Chic designs from Moda so last fall ordered the entire collection (not here yet).  If I were buying today, would not get in entire line.  It is a bit too edgy for most of my customers who are still more on the traditional size.  After a poll, about 85% of my customers are still more traditional.  Interesting, we did a class on the MegaStar, a modern lone star - nearly the entire class opted to not do the modern version but to use the entire star centered in a traditional piece. 

No we are not doing Row by Row this year.  Clearing out all previous RxR patterns and kits; boats, beach huts, Van Wezel.

Let's have a wooden nickel Wednesday!  Next Wednesday, May 8 all fabric in clearance bin is $4/yard.  Moving lots of kids novelties from the floor to clearance.  These fabrics are ideal if you are making charity quilts or pillowcases for kids!  And if you don't have a wooden nickle, we will still give one to you!

Here is a new option in place of that temporary adhesive basting spray to layer your quilts.  I have always disliked the spray, don't want that sticky stuff in my quilts.  At times when a layered quilt is brought in to us it is still wet from overspraying.  Now there is another option which Teresa discovered.  It is a product called "PinMoor".  Use a flat head pin, go through all layers, then anchor the pin with the PinMoor, a rubberized cork-like piece.  Doesn't interfere with your machine stitching and can be removed as you finish the free motion quilting.  Yes they are a bit pricy, about the cost of one can of that spray, then you won't need to buy the spray again!  Makes me happy because I am not a fan of spray.  Makes quilters happy, takes less time than spraying layers.  Not easy to find yet, but we have them here!   

Time to go for now.  See you later.
Ella at Alma Sue's