New One Block Wonder Class

One Block Wonder Class

Begins Thursday morning  10-1 pm
November 29, December 6, December 13

The current OBW cult reminds me of the "Dear Jane" following.  You should check out the incredible pieces being created by the thousands of people on the OBW facebook page.  Go to the "Search" bar of FB and type in "One Block Wonder Quilt Forum."  There are groups of quilters who do nothing but this pattern.  The current OBW quilts are well advanced from those introduced 10 or more years ago.  There is also an app which lets you take a photo of the starting fabric and shows what the finished piece looks like after cut up and sewed.  Some of the most interesting pieces are those cut from panels.  Have any fabric lying around with a bold border stripe you didn't use or don't know how to use?  This is the perfect pattern for those fabrics. 
Join Faye on Thursday for the next round of this creative class!  Call 941-330-0993 for a seat (2 seats left in this session!)

The double wedding ring class is filled.  Another session will run after Christmas.  Call 941-330-0993 to reserve a seat in the next class.

Dawn is doing a class for a paper pieced table runner in January.  I don't have the exact dates since am trapped up here in snow country and won't be back until Friday this week.  

It is surely nice to see our snowbird sewers and quilters back in the store!  Dena is sewing up a storm - she was afraid we didn't have enough work for her to do!  Ha!  In one and one half weeks has completed 3 custom baby quilts and one large memory quilt.  One of the small quilts was constructed from a photo the customer liked.      
The others are for a family who brought in an armful of beautiful embroidered pillowcases made by grandma.  The request?  Please make baby quilts for the 5 grandchildren from the pillowcases.  What a great idea!  2 down, 3 to go by Christmas.  That about wraps up the sewing needed by Christmas - now just to finish the quilting and binding.

The two Marys are back - MM on the binding detail giving me a big break and MR on the quilt frame getting the tops marked for hand quilting.  Several other quilters are back for the season.  Seems as though the number dwindles each year as we all get older.  We moved things around again trying to find more space for the online items.  When we first moved into our current location we had enough hand quilters for 3 large frames.  Now we are down to one small and one large frame. 

Beginning next week we extend store hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, open until 5 pm.  We will continue to be closed on Mondays.  That has turned out to be a great working day, packing, shipping, cleaning, etc.  Someone is always in the shop on Monday in case you need to pick up something.  Give us a courtesy call and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Wooden Nickel Wednesday
Wednesday December 5 = $1/yd off all clearance fabric
Wednesday December 19 = all background fabric (tone on tone) $7/yard
Valid in store only, not valid online.  Don't have a wooden nickel yet?  Not a problem.  We are still giving out wooden nickels until they are gone.       

Eager to get back south.  Came up north to spend Thanksgiving with my two brothers and wives.  We haven't really had a sit down dinner since mom is gone.  That was a big thing of hers - have to set the table with all the finery and everyone sits down at Thanksgiving.  Well it was supposed to be just the 5 of us - then the list began to grow!  Oh good, let's make a dinner just like Grandmas with all the food and recipes, requested the grandkids.  So we shopped and cooked for 3 days.  Turkey, prime rib, 3 kinds of pie apple, pumpkin, pecan; 3 kinds of salad tossed, cranberry, pineapple lime,  mashed potatoes, and more.  Finally hung out the "Kitchen Closed" sign after the last sit down on Saturday! 

Lake effect snow today and tomorrow.  My bones looking forward to heading south again on Wednesday.  See you back at the shop as we make our last push for all the quilts to finish by Christmas!