Tent Sale Saturday

Saturday TENT SALE
3 day countdown to Saturday Tent Sale
October 6, 10 am - 3 pm

Now is the time to shop for gift giving, find lots of stocking stuffers.  Still time to sew up items for the Christmas and holiday season. 
Here is a sampling of whats been put into the pod at YARD SALE PRICES!
Advent Calendar panels $5
Advent Calendar panel with pockets sewed $10
Advent Calendar quilted and finished $20
Jigsaw puzzles $5
assorted seasonal/miscellaneous Panels $5
child's fleece blankets, crocheted edge $5
assortment of quilts half off, table runners half off, aprons half off
over the oven door handle towel dresses half off
little cloth books (fire fighter, police, fame animals) for little hands $3
placemats sewed, quilted $5 each
embroidery floss pkg of 12 skeins - 50 cents
assorted fat quarters - $1 each
assorted fat eights - 50 cents each
assorted quilt magazines - 10 cents each
cookbooks - $1, $2 each

CHRISTMAS TREES at giveaway prices $3 and up
Greens, picks, etc to fill in trees
little trees, medium trees, huge trees, green trees, white trees, prelit trees
Christmas Ornaments $1 each, original prices $10 and higher
Christmas ribbon, some wired 10 cents each roll
lights and mini lights

Seasonal panels $5 each ready to sew, finished panels/wall hangings half off
mini lights to install in panels $2.50
sewed/quilted christmas stockings finished $5 each

and much more can't remember everything put into the P.O.D.

ALL fall and halloween fabric $8/yard
fall and halloween finished, sewed items half off
clearance rack replenished $5/yard

6-yd cuts polka dots and marbles $4/yard - (makes one wideback 90x108)

Not sure where all these trees came from, think they have been growing and multiplying in the back section of the storage room.  Or I suspect it has been so hard to get to that section that each year new trees were purchased. 

You will want to shop and come get your wooden nickel.  The wooden nickel lets you loop into specials throughout the year - generally on WEDNESDAY.  Here are the October wooden nickle specials.  Think of it as an ongoing coupon you don't need to clip out of a flyer or newspaper.

Wednesday October 10 wooden nickel 20% off batting, 50% off Pellon brand batting
Wednesday October 17 wooden nickel get additional $1/yd off clearance fabric
Wednesday October 24 wooden nickel buy one FQ, get one FREE
Wednesday October 31 wooden nickel, widebacks $10/yard

So what prompts this sale?  Well you know I spent 7 months cleaning out my parents house.  That was the most gut-wrenching difficult task I have done.  I discovered many things they never talked about.  The years leading up to WW2, dad's activities and draft status during the war, dad shutting down his business and moving to comply with his draft status, critical job.  He wasn't deployed overseas but was assigned to supply steel to the ordinance plant in Ravenna where the bullets and ammunition were made, so he had to shut down his business in PA and move to Ohio.  He was assigned to drive steel to the plant because he had a chauffer's license.  They talked about sitting at the radio each night to learn news of the day - radio still in the attic!  I am able to piece together a timeline of their early life through letters and business papers.  Too bad they are both gone because now I have lots of questions would like to ask. 
So how do you dispose of something they worked so hard to obtain and valued?  Just pass it on and try to get it to someone who will treasure it as they did.  Its not the stuff that occupied the space that's important, its the memory.  The stuff weighs you down and clogs your emotions and as it turns out freeing oneself of this stuff gives you the emotions and clear space to deal with whats ahead.  So now I spend one day a week clearing out my space here in Florida - bags to the good will, some to the dumpster, moving the important items on to someone else.  I feel the need to become a minimalist.
So when I came back to the shop in December and looked in the storage bin, mom's attic flashed through my mind.  Or as mom would say, "Fibber McGee's Closet."  I don't expect anyone under the age of 65 to know what that means.  Look it up on Wikipedia.  At any rate the shop's storage area had become treacherous to anyone looking for something - just like Fibber McGee one could get buried back there and not reappear for days.  So it was much easier to buy what was needed instead of endangering oneself in the storage area to find it.  Not only did the storage room get stuffed - it overflowed to the "men's bathroom!"  What didn't fit in the back was stored in the bathroom.  The other complicating factor was that we guessed the new hotel guests would want to buy little textile things.  Oops, got that one wrong.  They are looking for big quilts.  The past year's focus was to stock up on little gift items instead of quilts. 

So back to the original business plan which says we are a quilt shop, not a gift shop, not a fabric store, but a shop providing quilting services and finished quilts.  Cobbler, stick to your last.  Our services include everything involved in making a quilt from design to quilting to binding to repair.  Yes we will always have fabric, backing, batting, notions, patterns, etc. because that is what is needed to make quilts.  The fabric in the shop is our "stash."  So now it is time to clear our space of those items we no longer want to sell and get busy increasing the quilt inventory.

We are glad to help you with a project, bear in mind that if you just walk in and the store is busy we may not be able to drop everything and other customers to assist with your project.  That is what Thursday "open sew" is for.  Call ahead, get a seat and either Faye, Dawn, or Ella are available to help, or get three different opinions because we all have different experiences and don't always do things the same way.  Open sew limited to 4 individuals so you can get the help needed.

Back to the storage area.  No we did not get everything cleaned out sad to say.  So there will be another "tent sale" coming up, soon as we make another cut.  On Saturday we will be giving out wooden nickels so come out and see what's outside, inside, and get your wooden coupon for future promotions. 

We revert to winter hours in November (open until 5 during the week, still close at 3 pm on Saturday) but for now will plan to stay closed on Monday, at least until our winter help arrives.  Monday is our biggest shipping day from weekend online sales.  Its a good catch up, cleaning, shipping kind of day.  

Classes in November are double wedding ring, more bargello, one block wonder, basics of free motion quilting.  Check on FB or website for dates.  See samples in the store.  I will send a newsletter with the dates.  

See you Saturday!