Spring in Pinecraft Thursday-Saturday

Spring in Pinecraft

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Continuing Friday and Saturday 10-4 pm
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Hot Pads - $5 each, 2 for $9
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Still doing spring cleaning in the storage space where odds and ends have been shoved back there for about 7 years.  Our customer base has changed yet again with the new hotel open.  The tourists are not quilters so they want to buy items we have made.

So the hotel opened March 1st.  Every room was booked and it is still filled.  The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy with shoppers and lookers, and as predicted, they are not quilters interested in buying fabric, except maybe a cute FQ gift packet for a quilting friend.  Stripping us clean of all the quilted and sewed textile items in the shop.  So now the sewing ladies have shifted into overdrive.  Our speedy quilt kit cutter stays busy just keeping up with the robust internet sales.  We do not sell yard goods cut from bolts in the online shop; www.almasueshop.com  We only sell precuts, packages of FQ, quilt kits, quilt tops, and finished quilts.
Its time to shift gears again because our customer base has changed drastically.  We are clearing out years worth of "stuff" shoved into our storage area just in case we find a use for it!  I am afraid we can't even get all of it out for this week's Pinecraft days.  You know every year we had a big scrap sale, interesting this year we simply don't have that many scraps.  So what changed that we don't have so many scraps?  We buy more and more precuts instead of yard goods on bolts.  We are more efficient at cutting up bolt ends into Fat Eights and 2.5 inch strips.  We also send boxes of smaller scraps to our quilt piecer who makes the double wedding ring quilt tops. 
So come on out this week and dig around some of the boxes and bins.