Current Classes


Double Wedding Ring  $55  Confident Beginner
Wednesdays, Jan. 24, 31, Feb. 7, 1-4 pm
Techniques:  4-patch, curves
Class fee includes templates, patterns, classes, and
2 free open sewing sessions to complete project.
This is the best template set to make placemats, runners, and quilts in the DWR pattern using one fabric arc or an arc with multiple fabrics.  Instructions and templates are also included to make numerous other circular patterns such as pickle dish and robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Dena will show you how easy it is to sew curves and to assemble s-curve rows. 
This is the last session of DWR for the winter.  Call 941-330-0993 for a seat.  Limited to 4.

Grandmother's Fan  $38  Beginner
Tuesday February 20 & 27  1-4 pm
Techniques:  wedge blocks, topstitch applique
Class fee includes wedge ruler, pattern, classes, precut 10" squares and 2 free open sewing sessions to complete project.
Learn another way to sew with curves.  Cut and sew wedge fan blades then topstitch curves onto precut squares.  Dozens of ways to lay out the finished squares, similar to Drunkard's Path.  All you need to for the fan blades are a package of charm squares, 12 jelly roll strips or any pieces of your stash that are at least 2.5 inches wide.  This is a great, fast way to use up leftover pieces of scrap fabrics or one of those charm packs that looked so appealing you couldn't resist buying. 
The finished fan is small so it is perfect for a baby quilt.  Use a bright solid colored charm pack (as in the sample shown on FB.)  Set on white, off white, black, red, or grey.  Photo on FaceBook "Alma Sue's Quilt Shop." 

Bargello Runner $85 Confident Beginner
Tuesday MORNING Jan. 30, Feb. 6, 13  10 am-1 pm
Techniques:  strip piecing, organizing your work
Class fee includes precut fabric kit, Bargello book, instructions, 2 free open sewing sessions to finish project.
Learn the technique on a small piece then apply it to a large quilt using one of the many patterns in the book provided.  Continue to make runners for gift giving.  Many people who say the don't like Bargello quilts love this runner.  This often has to do with selecting the proper fabrics and placing the different light and dark values in the correct order.  Photo on FaceBook.

Just Arrived:
Amy Butler Night Music precuts in FQ, strips, 10" and 5" charms.  We love Amy Butler and it has been quite a while since she produced an exciting new collection.  While she was busy with wallpaper, paint, and carpets, her old collections were reprinted over and over.  Bolts not here yet.  Can order precuts online at ""

Marble blenders:
Many colors in clearance bin $5/yard (psst $4 on Wednesday)

Northcott Canvas:
Northcott's response to grunge, looks like grunge but does not have the black grit on the light colored pieces.  Check it out.

New wildlife panels, horses and moose.  We are always looking for a new way to display all the panels.   

One of my companies dropped an email into my box at the new year with the header "get to know yourself."  I don't know if that meant to apply it to oneself, or to the business.  So I did.  Yes we know ourselves.  We are not "modern" some may call us old fashioned, we think more of traditionalists or classics.  We are not "sewists," we still call ourselves quilters or sewers, or piecers.  We don't have to have the latest or newest gadgets - still thread our needles by hand.  Our shelves are filled with enough fabric to make a nice quilt using dark and light values, lots of blenders, solids, colors.  We don't have to be the first in town to get that big collection from the designer that's currently in vogue.  We don't go gaga or rave over the latest designer and run in to buy her fabric because everyone says its the thing to have.  We buy what we like and what we can use to make quilts, or hot pads, or runners.  We didn't buy into the "knitted fabric" craze the companies all said the quilters wanted.  We didn't buy into the "double gauze" which was supposed to be a big seller.  We don't stock wools for the "woolly" crowd.  Now the fabric vendors tell us we need to stock "apparel" fabric since women want to sew clothes again.  No, we aren't going that route. 
We use more and more precuts as a time saver.  Love those 2.5 inch solid color strips for binding, both for our own quilts and to put into kits.  We still do hand quilting - much more control to create grid and background work on intricate hand appliqued tops.  And it creates a job for many widows who couldn't do much else.  Yes we do machine quilting but are careful to have the quilting and thread complement the top and not overshadow it.  Our classes are usually built on learning basic techniques which can be applied to many other projects.  The goal is to learn good skills, how to read a pattern, basic construction of blocks, borders, piecing, and binding so you can transfer those skills to other quilting projects.  Then one can climb out of the classroom box and become creative.  
So yes, we pretty much know ourselves and like what we do.  And hope we can continue to have fun for more years in the future. 

Ella at Alma Sue's