Wacky Wednesday tomorrow

Wacky Wednesday
All clearance fabrics = $4
minimum cut = 1/2 yard

Beginning tomorrow December 12, all seasonal fabric = $5/yard
All seasonal panels = $5/panel
All seasonal FQ = 2.25 each

NEW in the clearance bin is a stack of plaids.  I am making several memory quilts for my brother's grandchildren out of his plaid shirts.  These bolted plaids will make a nice lining.  Wacky Wednesday price is $4/yard, they will be regular clearance priced at $5 rest of the week.  I managed to find these on sale and am passing the discounted price on to you.

Sometimes the old just can't be surpassed by the new.  That's our opinion of dimples.  They fit in everywhere, in both contemporary and in traditional quilts.  Many colors have been discontinued but there is still a good selection of colors available and Andover has updated the collection with trendy new colors.  Today we received 3 full boxes of new dimples colors.  Come check them out.

For the grungers, Tangerine and Key Lime colors refilled again!  Nice assortment of giftable books from Barbour Publishing, good stocking stuffers.  Carol Wilson quilty cards in stock again.  Quilt jigsaw puzzles restocked in time for gift giving for quilters.  Other gift ideas for the quilter who has enough fabric:  cute luggage tags, little wooden mottos to put on sewing room shelf, Florida salt scrub.  Check out Teresa's menagerie of small animals, soft and just the right size for baby to hold.  Patterns available.   

Finally finished up north - closing on the property was yesterday.  Now I can write a book on how to clean out after parents who lived through the depression and saved everything.  My thoughts that it would take several weeks were quickly dashed - we spent nearly 7 months sorting through everything to find those delightful nuggets.  So many things we didn't know about our parents and their activities when they were teens.  They never told us many things but then they were newly married just before Pearl Harbor, which altered their plans of settling into a routine life, then again, perhaps they just didn't want to relive those years and maybe didn't think we would understand.  And we probably would not have understood as children and young adults.  Now we understand and were able to piece together their movements during that time period.  We found letters they wrote to each other, some photos and memorabilia in boxes stuck away in the attic.  Maybe these items were meant for us to find now, when we can understand and appreciate what they went through.  We had fun holding Sunday movie nights to watch the old movies we digitized and transferred to disc.  My brother showed them on his 55-inch TV and they actually look better than on the original 8 mm films.  Friends and family brought in snacks, we provided popcorn and drinks and we all put our heads together to try and identify people who were 65 years younger.  During this process I was ambivalent about selling the family home.  Now that it's done and my blood pressure is normalizing I know it was the right thing to do!  Younger cousins are the new owners so it's still in the family.

Now it's back to the quilt shop and get ready for the hotel traffic beginning in March.  Fanni, Angie, Faye, Duke, and Marie did a great job of keeping things afloat while I was gone most of the time! 

So stop in and pick up a last minute gift or seasonal fabric.