Wacky Wednesday includes flannel

Wacky Wednesday Tomorrow!

Clearance fabrics = $4/yd (1/2 yd minimum)
Seasonal FQ = $2 each
Flannel = $5/yd (1/2 yd minimum)

Wow, everyone got into a buying frenzy with Black Friday and Cyber Monday a week early.  Last Monday the internet crashed and yesterday it crawled slowly.  This is a problem not only for the shoppers but also for the retail stores.  Because we sell on some of the big box internet sites we had to hustle to get our shipping labels printed to meet the promised delivery times - we struggled with the off again, on again internet but finally did get everything shipped.

So now we are all buying like my mother did in the 1940's and 1950's.  Some of her favorite internet sites were the Aldens catalogue, JC Penney catalogue, Spiegel and Sears catalogues.  We paged through the books, circled what we wished for or dog eared the pages, probably never being aware we didn't get most of what was circled.  There was plenty of satisfaction at just looking at the new things and dreaming of an unlimited budget.  The order was sent in, no free shipping, then wait for a week or several weeks for the mailman to deliver the package.  When it came time to shop in August for school clothes or at Christmas time we ventured downtown to "reality shop" in the big stores.  Couldn't go dressed in casual duds or jeans, no we dressed up, gloves and all in our best clothes and made a day of it.  And we always got to eat lunch out at one of the big stores.  How excited we were when the first shopping center was built in the suburbs on 30th street.  A big, free parking lot and so many different small shops.  Now we have come full circle.  It's no longer exciting to get in a car, buck the crowds and run from store to store comparing prices.  Much more pleasant to sit on the couch and browse the internet.  And it's not even necessary to browse anymore, seems as though everyone already knows your "profile" and what you might want to buy so it pops up on Facebook, in an email, or on the store's website.  Then there's the competition to see who can get it to you the fastest, almost overnight seems like.  
One thing I can say about shopping on the internet.  The men I know who wouldn't set foot in a department store are some of the most avid internet shoppers.  My brother goes through withdrawal if he can't buy something on Amazon every week.  His wife buys the groceries and he buys everything else on Amazon.

We are busy finishing up Christmas orders.  3 more custom t-shirt quilts to finish, the tops are sewed now on to the quilting and binding.  Then I need to get busy and make a few items for my family.  They want anything with Ohio State or Cleveland Indians logos.  I take OSU or Indians fleece, put flannel on the back and do simple quilting with lofty batting.  The fleece is 55 inches wide so a 2-yd piece makes a nice sized throw about 55 x 72.  This is their favorite comforter to wrap up in while watching OSU beat Michigan!

Hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving with family and friends.