Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday!

Wacky Wednesday!

Today is Tuesday, tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday!
All clearance fabrics are $4/yard (1/2 yd minimum cut)

What's in our clearance rack? You will find all sorts of fabrics here.  When I am able to purchase fabric on sale, the bolts go into the clearance bin to pass on the savings to you.  Any bolt on the floor with less than 3 yds left goes into the clearance bin.  We have tried many different scenarios with short bolts;  cut into one-yd pieces, cut into FQ, use in kits, etc.  All are time consuming and the easiest thing is to just put them into the clearance rack.  We moved the clearance rack right up front in the shop, not hidden away in the back so you can immediately see what you might need, perhaps a focus print, or a lining, or that blender.  

From now until gone, everyday price on seasonal fabric is $8/yd
1/2 yd minimum cut
Seasonal panels are $8/each
Beginning today, all seasonal FQ are $2 each

What's new - more wildlife panels and kits
Majestic Moose and Canadian Geese from Northcott
Precut POD kits from Schenck
Get ready, sit and sew, with a POD kit.  Everything is precut.  Choose from a dozen different patterns, each makes a throw about 50x60-70.  Make it larger by adding borders.  Everything is included for the top; the pattern, precut fabrics, and binding.  Perfect for the beginner and confident beginner; perfect for that quilt you need to make in a hurry.  Quilt kits and kiosk are due in this week.  Still time to get one made for Christmas.

I am on my last trip to Ohio.  Mover is coming today to get a few things I am taking to Florida.  Estate sales are done, donations to Good Will are done, family members have selected what is meaningful, and quite a bit into the dumpster.  This has been a long, nearly 7 months project.  For those of you who have cleaned out behind deceased parents who lived through the depression you can understand what we were faced with.  We tried to respect their prized possessions, acquired after many long hours of work and months or years of savings.  The goal was to get items passed down in the family to those folks who would treasure them as much as mom and dad treasured them.  Many items came down from my grandparents and great grandparents  Once a year we have a family reunion and hold an auction to raise money for the next year's event, so many of these items went to the reunion for auction knowing that cousins and relatives who may have nothing from the family could bid on the items.  During World War I, my grandparents were looked upon by the townspeople with a wary eye because they were of German descent.  Grandpa Frey bought a large US flag and made a point of flying it on the farm every day.  My mother had this 48-star flag.  I bought a nice flag case, did a military triangle fold of the flag, wrote the story and gave it to the family auction.  One of the younger cousins purchased the flag so now it will stay in the family. 

Mom collected glassware, pressed glass, cut glass, depression glass, all kinds of glass, and dishes.  A dozen years or so ago this glassware was much more in demand than now.  I picked out a few flow blue pieces from my great grandmother's set of dishes.  Some we gave to family members, some we sold at the family reunion, some sold at the estate sale, still lots left.  I called the proprietor at the local antique shop and donated the remaining items with the hope the items will find a way into the hands of someone who will enjoy them.  It takes time to sort out these special relics and get them to the right person. 
  Dad collected railroad memorabilia, especially steam engines.  We grew up with a steam engine in our back yard and used the coal box as a bar b q pit.  Every Saturday Dad fired up the engine, blew the whistles, then grilled the steaks for supper.  We had train books, train models, pictures, slides of every train depot I believe in the state of Ohio, movies of every steam excursion trip.  The steam engine is now at the Hale farm and museum near Cleveland.  The pullman lamps, gadgets, and 3 small steam engines were sold at auction.  The remainder is being sent to another railroad buff who will donate it to the local RR club.  So now we are finished!  Next step?  I plan to continue cleaning out, starting with my own house.  Then we will clean out the storage rooms at the shop!  Watch for lots of stuff coming out of storage for the January anniversary sale.

Double Wedding Ring class in January is filled.  We plan to continue with the same classes in February.  Watch for new dates.  If you want to be placed on the waiting list, call the shop at 941-330-0993.

Looking forward to getting back to Florida, I am leaving tomorrow!  Hard frosts here in the evening and it snowed last week.  My bones are cold and aching!