Today is Radical Wednesday

Radical Wednesday Prices

Surprise Discount Today = widebacks $10/yard
Fabric on bolts = $8/yd
Panels = $8 each
Clearance fabric = $4/yd

minimum cut 1/2 yd
price does not apply to FQ 

We just received a nice shipment of assorted wideback colors so decided to include them in today's radical prices.  Usually we precut the widebacks into 3 yd cuts but for today they are on the bolt and you can decide how many yards are needed.

Another fabric company says adieu.  Exclusively Quilters is the company, they produce the name "Classic Cottons."  We used a lot of their background tonals and widebacks.  The one we will miss is that swirly pattern in white and off white in both 45" and 108" bolts.  They also did good collections of wildlife.  Sad to see the smaller companies disappear but they simply can't compete with the big box companies who can afford to take loss leaders and offer massive discounts to the big online fabric shops.  We do not sell bolted fabric online, can't even begin to compete with those online stores who are commanding large discounts from the fabric manufacturers.  Hancock of Paducah just had a big sale on batiks as low as 3.99/yard.  So go ahead and buy there because I can't even purchase that low from the fabric companies.  We have chosen not to compete with Hancock, Missouri Star, or Keepsake Quilting prices so we sell things online other than fabric.  We do have a few specialty fabrics online, such as vintage Lilly Pulitzer, genuine feedsack FQ, nice precuts, etc.

Our online store is  We sell finished quilts, both new and vintage, finished textile products such as aprons, quilt kits, panels and panel kits, and quilt tops ready to finish and some other bits and pieces.  That site runs you through Etsy who does all the money handling and exchange rates for foreign sales.  Not everything we sell online is on almasueshop since we sell on two other "big box" sites and try to decide where the product will likely sell the best and where it will get the most international exposure.  We do not sell out of our "" website, that is for informational purposes only.  
So I am asked "who would buy online instead of going to a quilt shop?"  Well there is that little lady who lives in South Dakota on the farm, 50 miles from the closest town.  Her biggest excitement for the day is to see the mailman come down the dusty lane with a box of fun.  Yes I know that lady and she says often the only car seen for the day is that mailman.  Then there are those ladies in the UK who cannot purchase licensed Walt Disney fabric.  We have customers in Australia and New Zealand who pay more for postage than for that particular book they want which is not available in their country.  We ship almost daily to customers in Canada.  The quilters in Florida and in this area may not realize how fortunate to have dozens of shops within a short day's drive.  Even in my quilting locale in Ohio, we lost 3 quilt fabric stores in our small town.  The closest fabric department is Walmart and JoAnn's.  To purchase quilt shop quality fabric requires a trip to one of the larger towns some distance away and then there is only one shop and what they really want you to buy is a sewing machine. 
I equate the online shopping with how my mother had to buy in the 1940's and 50's, from the catalogues; Sears, Montgomery Wards, Aldens, Penneys, and some others I can't name.  Then we watched for the mailman to bring our treasures.  The demise of catalogue buying was hastened by the shopping malls; now the shopping malls are no longer exciting and it's back to buying from the comfort of your home and we have come full circle.  Will this change again?  Economists say yes, folks will eventually go back to brick and mortar stores, more than likely the small specialty shops and probably not to large department stores, predicted to happen within the next 5-10 years.  The Gen Y and millennial children shop differently.  I remember my SIL buying clothing for my nephew with prominent logo or brand displayed.  He took it back to the store and said "Mom I can't wear anything that was made by 3rd world workers earning 10 cents an hour." 
So to stay alive one has to be an economist, a predictor of the future, a marketeer, a software specialist, and now they tell us a social media guru.  Maybe all it takes is a good dose of common sense.

For those of you who follow Row by Row, the theme for 2018 is "music."  The creators are trying to breathe new life into the RxR by introducing kid's rows, wool blocks, etc.  It is said a new part to the row will be announced at quilt market next week.  Not sure what that is but will let you know.  By now so many ladies have collected dozens of rows and kits just waiting to be sewed so we will see what the future brings.  The Florida Shop Hop for next summer is a "go."  It is back to the traditional passport you can obtain from each shop, to be stamped for prize eligibility.  A fat quarter will be given to each passport-carrying shopper to the store.  More details on that as we learn about it.

Not sure what's new in the shop since I have been up north clearing out several estates from my deceased parents, brother, and nephew and hopefully am nearing the finish line.  What a job!  My goal now is to clean out my own belongings so no one has to do this behind me.  Our final tag sale was last weekend.  Acquaintances of our who are building a Bed and Breakfast in Berlin Ohio Amish Country purchased quite a lot of the antique pieces to furnish the rooms of the B&B.  At least now I can go to the B&B and visit the items.  Anything remaining is being donated to a community church who helps to house less fortunate and homeless families.

You can plan on Radical Wednesday prices even if I don't get out a newsletter.  I was traveling most of the day Monday and Tuesday and just fell asleep when I got home, so this is a bit late.  Anyway, do stop in and check out the fabric and panels in the shop.  Pending item is a loom which Dawn will help set up soon as she gets back to Florida.  We have the loom waiting in my utility room.  Hopefully you can then come in and weave your own yoga mat!