Announcing Radical Wednesday

Every Wednesday from 10-3 pm

There's Tuesday Morning.  And Radical Wednesday.
Each Wednesday we will do a RADICAL Price Break on all bolted fabric in the store.
In the Sale Section = $4/yard
Rest of the Store = $8/yard
Minimum cut = 1/2 yard

Includes seasonal fall, halloween, christmas, any panel, the blenders, Kaffe Fassett wall, batiks, background, kids, novelties, wildlife, flannel and anything else you can find! 
DOES NOT include widebacks or Fat Quarters.

So come in, dig around a bit and see what you can find.

The construction crew evacuated the area in advance of Irma so the parking lot changes were delayed a bit.  The hotel entrance was re-configured and widened.  Our entrance is open again.  There may be a large construction vehicle parked in our lot on occasion.  The trenching is finished and all fiber optic and cable lines for the hotel are now buried and resurfaced.  The first quilt retreat has been scheduled for the facility in 2018 by a guild north of here.  Looking forward to exciting new ventures.

Leaving for Ohio, hopefully for my last trip to close out estates; have a sales contract on the house so soon it will be a fond memory.  Selling the family home my parents built has brought mixed emotions, but it is too far away and not good to remain vacant and I am not interested in renting it.  Fortunately one of my cousins is buying the house so it will stay in the family and that seems to be ok.  My parents enjoyed entertaining and every weekend there were cookouts for large groups of family and friends;  it was truly a gathering place in the neighborhood.  And it was always the gathering place for family at each holiday.  Many are now gone and others scattered about so all we are left with are the good memories.

My brain is storm weary.  I thought it was called "Hurricane Brain" but now the psychologists are saying we all have PTSD.  Do you find it hard to sleep, or like me, want to sleep all the time?  I am told it will take 6 months to recover.  For three days I don't think I slept and wasn't hungry, until the electric went out then all I wanted was something hot.  I planned to evacuate to the shop and my hurricane supplies from Amazon (air mattress, backup batteries, lantern, etc) were said to arrive on Wednesday September 6, but they didn't come.  On Friday I went to Carmen's bunker and was all set with my back up battery to charge phones and ipad and my satellite internet to stay connected when power disappeared.  On Saturday morning when The Weather Channel pointed Irma at the Tampa area we re-evaluated the plan, should we get in a car and head north, or west, or where?  Soon the answer became clear, no don't get in a car - people were already abandoning their out of gas cars on I-75.  Just stay where you are and dig in.  Then the neighbors called and asked to bunk in with us - along with their dog and 2 cats.  So we had a Havanese, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and 2 scaredy cats.  Mr. Neighbor was a Marine so somehow I immediately felt safer.  Until I found out he was a recent Florida transplant and new to storms.  Picture him with a bicycle helmet and mattress over the head camping out in the windowless hallway.  No it didn't quite get to that point but his theory was "I'm going to die a slow death so just shoot me now."  On Sunday night after several trees and branches went down, he was all set to take a flashlight, dart into the leftover storm to check out the storm damage but we managed to talk him out of it.  It was an exhausting week but it could have been much worse.  I kept busy staying up to date with the weather on ipad and making dozens of scrubbies. 
And now I feel bad for the people in Puerto Rico.  Just hope this may be the end of storms making a landfall.  Oh, my hurricane supplies arrived last Friday, September 15!

Anyway, hope you are all safe and working to get back to a normal routine.  Do stop in and take advantage of our Radical Wednesdays, continuing each week until further notice!