Two New Classes

Happy Birthday America

Have a safe and colorful 4th of July.  The start of cook out season here in Ohio where the nights are cold and the days are rainy and sometimes sunny!

Faye has developed two new classes.  Photos are on FaceBook...soon I will figure out how to put photos on the newsletters.  Also thinking of using a new newsletter service.  What I don't want to fall into is to have the newsletters become simply an advertising vehicle, enough of those already coming to my "inbox."  Prefer to keep it similar to a blog where ideas and tips are shared.  At any rate Faye's classes:

Labyrinth - Tuesday July 18 and 25 from 1-4 pm
by Faye

$85 includes pattern, fabric kit, instructions and free open sewing sessions to finish quilt as needed.  Suitable for beginners with knowledge of rotary cutting.  You will make plenty of half square triangles in this class.  Photo on FB (search for "Alma Sue's Quilt Shop"),  
Call 941-330-0993 for a seat.  

Afternoon Delight - Tuesday August 15 and 22 from 1-4 pm
by Faye
$85 includes pattern, fabric kit, instructions and free open sewing sessions to finish.  Suitable for beginners with knowledge of rotary cutting.  This pattern includes 4-patches, flying geese, and square within a square construction.  Choice of two colorways, both use Kaufman's Holiday Flourish Christmas collection, which is a favorite every year.  One choice is red, black, and silver grey and the other is red, green, and black.  Both kits use the flourish poinsettia print for the focus fabric.  Photos on FB.
Call 941-330-0993 for a seat.

So here I am in Ohio with the daunting task of culling through my parents' collections of 67 years in one house.  Those of you with parents who grew up in the depression years can understand my plight.  They had to work so hard and so long to get anything that it became precious to them and they took care of it to last a lifetime.  That lifetime accumulated in the attic, because someone might need something one day.  It's hard for me to dispose of these things because I respect how much they treasured them, but there just isn't room in my space.  My best hope is they will find a home with someone who will get as much pleasure from these items as mom and dad did.  There is furniture from the art deco era, boxes of school books from my grandparents and parents, apparently everyone had to purchase their own books; boxes of everything we kids ever made in grade school, boxes of photos and slides from many trips, reels of home movies, cookbooks from my grandmother and great grandmother, out of print magazines, boxes and boxes of christmas decorations, trees, wreaths, strings of lights, and ornaments dating back to the mercury glass bulbs on mom and dad's first christmas tree in 1939.   

When mom broke her hip, my aunt the nurse moved in to help.....more boxes in the attic.  After mom died, my brother Bill and Jacob moved into the house with his accumulation of stuff collected by Bill's kids and deceased wife....more boxes in the attic, and now overflowing to the attic above the 3-car garage!  Both Bill and Jacob are gone, so begin to visualize the magnitude of that attic and garage crammed with treasures from numerous families!  I planned to be here about 3 weeks to clean out and ready the house for sale.  To my chagrin it quickly became apparent this won't happen in 3 weeks!  Brother Sam says just put it all in the dumpster....but I feel the need to sort it out and get the items to the right people.  So I sort and make piles:  a pile for the Good Will, one to sell on ebay, one to take to the used book dealer, a pile to Bill's daughter, bags to each grandchild, and a big pile to the dumpster!  Brother Sam was good in basketball and track, was poised to toss his trophies in the dumpster when his grandchild Andrew grabbed them to display in his room.  Sam took the reels of movies to a shop where they will be converted to DVDs and thumb drives.  

After the two attics are emptied, then its tackle mom's china cabinet.  Her father gifted his wife and daughters with dishes he admired and now they sit in the cabinet at the house, along with dishes from my great grandma and great x2 grandma.  Hoping to take some of these to mom's family reunion in August for my cousins.

Now that I'm in the groove, I want to continue by cleaning out my space in Florida and become a minimalist!  My space at the house and also space at the shop.  Don't want to impose this job on anyone after I am gone!

Back at the shop, row by row continues, Faye keeps open sewing going, Marie and Angie keep up with online selling and shipping and Fanni keeps the quilting frames filled.  Christmas fabric is just about all in; angel panel and holiday flourish from Kaufman, panels, advent calendars and fabric from Quilting Treasures, Chickadees by April Cornell for Free Spirit, Silent Night and Up On A Rooftop collection from Northcott.  We have one more collection from In The Beginning then our Holiday fabric will be complete.

Getting ready for a cookout with brothers and family this afternoon.  Took the day off from sorting and making piles.  Fortunately the 4 grandkids, all boys, welcome the chance to do the lifting and running for a few $$.

Ella at Alma Sue's