Bargello and Mondo Bag Class

Upcoming Classes

Mondo Bag
Mon & Wed June 12 and 14
12 noon - 3 pm
call 941-330-0993 for a seat
$85 includes pkg of strips, grid interfacing, fusible fleece, pattern, and free open sewing Thursdays to finish project if needed.
Easy, Beginner
This is a really good project for new sewing folks.  It requires NO zippers, no hardware, just straight sewing from precut strips.  The bag comes in 3 sizes (original, midi, and bitty).  Once you learn the technique you can make any size desired.  Can't make just one!  It's the perfect size for toting everything; book bag, groceries, clothes to ballerina, gymnastics or yoga class, stuff to quilt class, airline carry on.  Its useful for guys too.  Make theirs out of camo, sports, trucks, cars fabrics.

Bargello Table Runner Class
One space left for Faye's next bargello class
Tuesday June 20 and 27
Call 941-330-0993 for a seat
$85 fee includes book, fabric, instruction, free Thursday open sewing to complete as needed.  Any beginner can do this table runner as long as you know how to rotary cut strips.  It is basically strip piecing.  All strips of the same width are pieced at first.  Then a second cut of the crosswise strips are cut, varying the sizes, e.g. 2" wide, 1.5 " wide, 1.0" wide, etc.  Stay organized by using number pins and your runner looks like an expert quilter sewed it!  This runner is in red/green/gold colors for fall and holiday tables.

Upcoming Classes
Samples are made for the labyrinth class (date TBA).  Nearly ready are samples for Afternoon Delight in two different colorways for the holidays; one is red and green, the other is red and silver.  Soon as the samples are finished they will be posted on our Facebook (Alma Sue's Quilt Shop).
Patterns are here for the Garden Twist Quilt and runner, now just waiting on the bolts to arrive from In the Beginning. 

We have been busy assembling the kits for Row by Row.  Our row depicts the Sarasota sailing squadron regatta at City Island.  All the Florida rows can be seen at the FL Facebook:  "Florida Row by Row Experience."  Travel begins the first day of summer, Wednesday June 21 and continues until the Tuesday after Labor Day in September.  Visit the shops and pick up one free pattern.  Make the row pattern using your stash fabrics, or purchase a kit with the same fabrics selected for that shop's row.  Take at least 8 different rows and make a quilt.  The first person turning in a quilt to one of the shops wins a stack of 25 fat quarters.  If the shop's row is included in the quilt, win a bonus prize.
Most of the shops have also designed a license plate with a phrase.  Anyone can purchase a license plate at any time with no time limits.  The license plates can also be shipped.  We are continuing with our previous phrase of "Quilt Whisperer" and also have a plate with a new phrase "Kiss My Stash."
Call 941-330-0993 if you want a license plate.
Going north again in June, this time to clean out the family house and sell it.  Time to liquidate all northern property. 
I have been posting photos on FB of the quilt patterns that were published in the Kansas City Star newspaper from 1928 to 1961.  The little airplane pattern "Lindy" was made after Charles Lindburgh completed his flight to Paris.  This is an uncommon pattern.  I have only seen one finished quilt made from this pattern, and in the thousands of quilts handled here, we have never seen a top to finish.  It is possible that the little boys fortunate enough to get one of those airplane quilts loved them so much they became threadbare.  The one quilt that crossed our doors was in reasonably good condition.  It was one of two made for twin beds.  The second one was threadbare and not salvageable.  But that's why grandmas made quilts for the kids - to be used and loved.