St. Patrick's Day SALE

Tomorrow Friday March 17
St. Patrick's Day Sale
Wear GREEN, get anything in the store for 20% off
Sale includes discount fabrics, notions, quilts, widebacks, etc.  Everything EXCEPT quilting services.  Yes it does include fabric in the $5 bin - get an additional 20% off.  And it does include all the widebacks - get an additional 20% off.

So customers are telling us the word on the street is that we are closing and that is why we are having the sale.  Not sure who or why this rumor is out there?? 
At inventory time we were over our allotted fabric by 700 bolts.  And we do this every year.  So we work to sell down the inventory that creeps up over the year in order to make room for the new holiday fabric that will be arriving next month.  Lines we no longer wish to carry go into the $5 bin.  It's been a hectic season so now it is time to mop up, re-evaluate the lines and get ready for new items.  We are already making samples for our Christmas in July event.
We are also changing the mix of product with the new hotel being finished in our backyard.  We expect the rooms will not be filled with 400 quilters therefore we are positioning ourselves to sell more fabric gift items and quilts made on site and that has been the trend over the last few years.  We are planning to have some great retreats at the hotel - 2 and 3 day marathon sewing events.  Sleep at the hotel, sew in the convention room, meals catered by Der Dutchman, swim in the pool, visit Pinecraft, eat pie at Yoder's etc.  Stay tuned!

Sad news to hear that one of my favorite companies closed - Kona Bay.  All the wonderful Asian prints and panels came from there.  High quality cloth, printed in Kyoto Japan, and panels designed by Nobu Fujiyama.  Dragons, Geisha, Cranes, Koi, Pagoda, etc.  They were a smaller company and it seems that it's hard to survive without being gobbled up by a larger conglomerate.  
Bottom line is - No we are not closing and if you hear that again please just stop the rumor.

So do stop in on Friday, grab a cup of coffee, and get a bargain.