Palm Grove Quilt Show and Sale

Palm Grove Quilt Show and Sale
Feb. 8-11
For those of you who take items to the Palm Grove Show and Sale the consignment days are Monday and Tuesday from 8 am - 5 pm.  Show starts on Wednesday and runs until Saturday noon.  On Saturday afternoon pick up checks for items sold.  The show is held at the Palm Grove Schoolhouse which is beside the church just about at the intersection of Beneva and Bahia Vista Streets, just north of the gas station on the corner.

Show Specials at Alma Sue's
Wide back fabric in many colors - $10/yard
Baby quilts - tier 1 $95
Baby quilts, hand quilted, hand embroidered $195
Placemats $5
Aprons $7
Remaining seasonal/holiday items - 75% off

Marking a quilt top can take an arsenal of tools, some work and some not so well.  It's the same old story when I search on "fabric marking pens" at my distributor.  Dozens of pages and literally hundreds of items are displayed.  How do you know what to buy or use?  Someone always comes out with a new product thinking it will be the solution to all marking.  Frixion pens were the rage for a while - unfortunately they don't work for us because we can't iron the quilt after it is hand stitched.  We have also had the experience that the pen sometimes lifts the fabric color after it is ironed. 
There is the Sewline series of pencils, almost identical pencils from Bohin company and I use these a lot, primarily the white and pink colors.  The leads are thin enough to go through the stencil lines for hand quilting, the marks easily come off with a damp cloth or disappear upon the first washing.  Refills of the lead and erasers are available.  But be careful, the newer pens use a fatter eraser so the older package of erasers won't fit the new pens.  Planned obsolescence?  
Sewline also make a really nice mechanical pencil in white and pink with the same porcelain leads in a 1.3 mm size.  It take 1-2 pencils to make a quilt top, and uh oh, there are no refill leads so you are left to throw out the old pencil and buy another one.  This can be an expensive proposition when marking many quilt tops.  
There is a newer cartridge pen with slim chalk inserts.  Too big to fit into a stencil but handy when using a ruler to mark a piece.  Chalk brushes off, and this is real chalk.  A cheaper alternative is just to go buy a box of teacher's chalkboard chalk pieces - easy to find in the summer with school supplies.
There are useful silver quilters marking pencils, make sure you have a good pencil sharpener.  The silver color works well with both light and dark colored fabrics and the color brushes or washes out easily.
The air erasable pens are easy to see but don't last more than 24-48 hours, then disappear.  We don't use these to mark tops ahead because the lines disappear before the quilters have the piece finished!  
Inexpensive alternatives are soap or tailors chalk.  Soap is also great to condition thread to prevent snarls and knots when hand sewing.  I keep one of those little motel bars at hand and run my thread through the soap when binding.  Yes you can buy Thread Heaven or Beeswax.  Soap is also handy to mark your dark colored fabric.
In my arsenal I also have the Pentel 0.5 mm mechanical pencil with polymer lead.  This makes a very fine line which is not noticeable when quilted over the line.  It also washes out with the first wash.  The Pentel is a sturdy mechanical pencil and won't break, which the Sewline products tend to do.
Chaco liner markers are great, the powdered chalk or cornstarch is dispensed by the little serrated wheel.  Again this is ok when the top is pinned in the frame, it brushes off too easily to mark ahead.  I also use the pounce pad and that works well to quickly mark wide borders of dark fabric.  Again, that has to be marked when the quilt top is pinned on the frame because it brushes off if applied ahead of time.
Our marking pens are all on special for the quilt show next week.  Some are buy one get one free.  Some are packaged with free refill leads and erasers.  Frixions are buy one get one free.  Some of the air/water erasables are on closeout special.
We will have many more items on sale for the quilt show.  Stop in and peruse the tables outside on the sidewalk.

For those Ohio folks, Cleveland Indians fleece with Chief Wahoo logo will be defunct.  The logo was removed from the caps and replaced with a simple "C" this year.  Bit by bit they are replacing the uniforms without the logo.  I snagged two bolts of the Wahoo logo fleece before it disappears.  Over Christmas we made numerous blankets with fleece on the front and red flannel on the back.  If you are interested, ask Ella, the fleece is stashed in the back and not on the floor.  We believe the Tribe will play in the world series again this year!  

Ohio State quilt patterns and fleece back in stock.
Valentine pillowcases and pillowcase kits available.  Sew one up in just a few minutes.  Great little gift for the kiddoes.

Double Wedding Ring Class, both session filled.  Soon as we get dates for the next session will be calling those of you on the waiting list.