New Bargello Class, Sale Update

Bargello Class - Runner by Faye

Tuesday February 21 and 28
1-4 pm  $85
Let Faye guide you through the bargello technique by making a runner, then transfer that knowledge to making a larger quilt.  Price includes precut fabric kit, Bargello book, and instructions.  The fabric cut of 2.5 inch strips is done for you so you can sew and go directly to making the second cut.  Price include fabric kit and the Bargello book.  The book has numerous patterns, including the surf song displayed in the shop.
Limited to 4 students.  Call 942-330-0993 for a seat.
The color palette for the bargello is reds, greens, and golds.  Check Facebook "Alma Sue's Quilt Shop" for a photo of the color palette.
Thanks to those of you who keep me on track.  The double wedding ring class is on Wednesdays, beginning on Feb. 15, not Feb 13.  Both afternoon and evening sessions are filled.  We are now adding another session on Fridays.  Time to be announced.  Call if you want to be on the waiting list, 941-330-0993. 

Anniversary Sale Update
Numerous individuals have told us they heard we are going out of business!  Not that we know of.  So what's this new direction we are taking?  With the new hotel on campus we anticipate out of town visitors will be buying more souvenir items instead of fabric.  We plan to keep a collection of 1800-2000 bolts of fabric, increase the number of precuts, increase the number of small items made by local sewists, double or triple the classroom size, and get ready to do weekend retreats at the hotel.  We do not plan to increase the class size, still will keep 4 students per class.  Our students are asking for more substantial classes where they get into intermediate and advanced techniques, then transfer that technique or knowledge to any pattern they pick up.   A Quilt Academy if you will.  We put it on paper years ago but timing is everything and now seems to be the time.  Another initiative we started last month is to blanket the internet with some of our products, not fabric so much but some of the quilts and made in USA items we sew.  And not so much on the website, but on some other appropriate sites.  We actually have another website constructed which is just for shopping items - "Alma Sue Shop" is the site.  We like to keep the site for informational and history purposes.  We plan to keep pretty much the same fabric selection; Kaffe Fassett, French General, kids, boys and men, 20's, 30's, lots of blenders and a good percentage in the $5 bins, along with the types of fabric we use to make custom quilts.  Lots of batting and wideback choices because we need those for our quilt manufacturing.

So we had a busy scrap sale day, but we didn't put out everything in one day.  All the batting pieces are sold out.  Still have many packs of needles for 10 cents each, this afternoon put out lots of thread for 10 cents a spool, patterns for $1 each, bin of free patterns, selected widebacks for $10/yard, several priced at $8 and $9/yard, stencils 50% off, a box of numerous notions and miscellaneous for 10 cents each, knitting needles 10 cents a pair, many french curves and rulers from sewing rooms, etc..  So where does this stuff come from?  
As quilters pass on, often the family members come to us wondering what to do with the sewing room left behind.  As you well know some quilters can be hoarders, no they don't have one pack of needles, they need 10 packs.  Sometimes we purchase the entire sewing room for a set price and clear it out for the family, sometimes the family donates the items to us and brings boxes of stuff.  We sort through the items, pass on to the churches what is useable for them, put into our classroom or sewing room what is useable for us, then accumulate the remainder and put it out on sale days such as this.  We could give it away "free" but you know those hoarders - one or two persons would walk away with most of the "free" stuff.
You won't find King Tut in the 10 cent thread box, but there is a good amount of Coats and Clark dual duty, 40 weight which is the favorite of the featherweight and older sewing machines.  Other no name thread spools are good for basting or hand sewing.  The needles span a variety of embroidery, crewel, sharps, general sewing, a few quilting betweens although I pulled most of those and put them into the hand quilter's bins for our ladies to use.

Still to put out are some crewel work pillows, new not started, a box of wool yarn and a partially finished needlepoint rug, some projects from cleaning out my mother's sewing room and who knows what else is lurking in the storage rooms.  We did make a good dent today.
So now you know the new direction we are taking, and we just chuckle when folks come in and tell us all the news they have heard about us.  Oh and maybe some think we are closing because we are directing many folks to another source to have some t shirt and memory quilts made.  We just had too many to make, a backlog of 40-50 and it just isn't fair to keep everyone waiting.  So we cherry pick and sew only for those customers we like to deal with.  Yes we do have that "NO SEW" list which  works like the NO FLY list.  We have a list of customers we will not sew for and we gladly pass these folks on to someone else.  So how do you get on that NO SEW list?  You stiff us with payments.  You grouse and complain about the price.  You grouse and complain about the finished product hoping we will lower the price.  At one time I did just that so the complaining worked.  Now I simply take the piece apart and return the top as it came in and put your name on the NO SEW list.  Works every time.  Ok, so now you know what we are doing.  And we are always happy to answer your questions.  We may not always know what is down the road because we "go with the flow" as customer's needs change.  
At any rate, stop in Friday and Saturday, still some good stuff and more being put out.