Time for Anniversary Sale


We have a lot of scraps from our busy sewing season.  And a lot of items that are no longer useful for us.  Trying to clean out our storage bins and unused items as we turn the corner and head in another direction.

And it's our 15th Anniversary!  Who thought we would be around this long?  If you remember back in 2002, we were the first quilt shop to open in Sarasota.  Prior to that there was Debra's shop in Venice and then Quilter's Haven in Ellenton.  It wasn't long after we opened that a quick succession of many shops opened in and around Sarasota, some are still here, and some are gone again.  We didn't really plan the business around a fabric store but intended to provided "quilting services" which is still our mainstay.  My father died in 2002 and since my mother was an avid quilter I thought it would give her something to do.  And it did for many years.  We started out small, in a 1200 sq. foot space, which we soon outgrew.  Many folks laughed at us because we didn't have much fabric at first, but that wasn't our focus.  Several folks reported they were going to put us out of business, but we are still here, doing our quilting and sewing.  About 7 years ago we moved into a much larger space to give us more room for sewing and quilting.  We had about 1200-1400 bolts of fabric in the little shop...still don't know how we managed that.  At our December inventory count we had 2400 bolts and we seem to have more trouble placing that number here in this 4300 sq ft space than we did the inventory in the small shop.  I am convinced that "less is more" and if you have a small, tight assortment of fabric at a reasonable price it is much easier to ladies to make decisions than when you have an array of 10,000 bolts for them to choose from. 

We've tried a variety of activities and have come to the conclusion that at this point in life we should only do what we enjoy doing and as long as that endless stream of tops from ancestral moms and grandmas keeps coming through our doors, we will continue to do our quilt finishing services.  This year with the influx of hotel visitors on our campus brings new challenges and a different customer buying mix.  We doubt that many quilters will be among the hotel visitors, so our product mix needs to change to the type of items they want to buy, and that likely is not fabric!
So...good for you it is SCRAP SALE and CLEAN OUT Time! 

Beginning THURSDAY Jan. 26 through SATURDAY Jan. 28

Prints are $2/pound
Backgrounds and muslins are $1/pound
Batting is $3/bag...some larger pieces are measured and priced separately.  You can either get that one piece or stuff it into a bag!  The larger ones are crib quilt size.  Lots of hot pad, wall hanging, and placemat size.  Use to stuff pillows, animals, etc.  We have tuscany poly, hobbs heirloom cotton/poly blend, hobbs cotton/wool blend, battalizer, dream cotton, etc.  We return all scraps to customers for whom we finish quilts.  These are pieces leftover from our custom work.  We do use these pieces to make our hot pads, placemats, runners, etc. but there is a limit to how much we can sew up! 

Also for sale we have some fabric racks, stands, gadget containers, doll cradle, and who knows what else will come out of the storage rooms?

Sale begins at 10:00 am on Thursday and continues through to Saturday.  Move stuff being put out every day!