Everybody's Doing It

Everybody's Doing It...and we are too

Clearing out all the seasonal items
Beginning tomorrow (Monday Oct. 24) we are clearing out what is left of
Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas fabric and seasonal finished goods (cmas stockings, placemats, runners, aprons, bottle bags, etc)

Fabric = $8/yd (1/2 yd min cut)
FQ = $2 precuts, 30% off bundles
Finished seasonal goods = 30% off
Yard panels = $8, less than yd panel = $5
Seasonal patterns = half off
Finished placemats = $10 each or 30% off (whichever is less)
Finished Advent calendars = 30$ off

Good buying opportunity, and not too late to make some gifts.  Placemats are easy using the Bosal placemat forms.  There are two kinds, a flat craft-tex and a more cushiony one from foam similar to In-R-form.  Both have a fusible surface.  You can use these in two ways.  Easy way is to place front and back of mat on top of placemat form (right sides together).  Stitch around, leave an opening on one side, trim, turn inside out then topstitch or quilt as desired.  More time consuming way is to sandwich placemat form between placemat pieces, quilt it then bind the placemat. 
We have a printed table runner with matching placemats.  Make the table runner the same way and gift someone with a set of runners and mats.  I know we don't use runners as much with a round glass table but the folks up north like the runners.  We also have these forms in a hexagonal shape and in an angled shape for round tables.

You can also make a quick runner from one of the stripes.  Cut fabric to your desired length (40 is a good size) then cut along the stripe, usually one complete stripe is 11-12 inches wide.  Use one strip on the back and one on the front.  Put batting between and stitch as above.  Either turn inside out or bind it after quilting.  We have a nice fall stripe and several nice christmas stripes perfect for quick runners.  We also have a nice "Happy New Year" panel.

You have to see the cute "team" house slippers, right now just the U FL Gators and OSU Buckeyes in adult and child sizes ready to go.  Make your own with your favorite team fabric, use the Mommy and Me pattern, slipper gripper for the bottom and fusible fleece and a FQ of sports fabric.  They are all displayed together.  Just in on Friday is Cleveland Indians fabric and Cleve Cavaliers fabric for those Ohio fans.  Sorry don't have Chicago fabric for the World Series.

Large one-yard panels ready for Attic Windows include the Santa and bear and the stag.  New panels I want to try are a turkey, a wolf, and a Farmall tractor.  Next week I will have the dates for attic windows classes.

New Kaffe is here in tones of red, finally a golf collection, more bolts of that ultra Amish black we have a hard time keeping in stock.  Once you have used this black all the others look brown or gray beside it.

New fabric in the $5 bin.  I made a promise to myself that for every new bolt that arrives, an equal number comes off the floor into the $5 bin, that way inventory won't creep up as it did last year.  I would rather have a steady number of bolts, not a crowded floor.  We are changing out some of the collections, but we will always have the steady blenders from Northcott, the solids, Toscana, and Stonehenge.  Bit by bit we are building these in precuts.

For those of you looking for that Giant Dahlia pattern, we now have the templates.  Last time I wrote about how to cut fabric on the bias.  I took a video of Fanni cutting the bias.  When I played the video it showed Fanni cutting, then the ceiling fans, the floor, traffic on the road outside and some other nonsense.  Apparently the "Pause" didn't work when I thought it was pausing!  I have a new phone so will practice a bit before doing this again. 

We have changed the "Hot Pick" to a "Daily Walk in Special."  I put the special on our Facebook (Alma Sue's Quilt Shop).  Usually the special runs in the range of 30-40% off.  One day it is batting, another day reproduction prints, another day any notion, etc.

We have already seen many of the new prints introduced at market.  Precuts are still strong and the companies who haven't always done these are beginning to offer precuts.  Believe it or not we are ordering for Christmas 2017.  Still lots of wildlife, finally getting some prints to make quilts for the men and boys.  We're always looking for something "different." 

Have the grandchildren told you, "my quilt is nice but it really isn't very warm."  Usually that's a function of the batting used.  We like to use a nice draping batt with some loft so they can wrap up in something soft and cushiony.  The problem could also be there is too much thread stitched in the quilt, so it feels stiff like a rug instead of a soft quilt.  Who wants to wrap up in a rug?  Our good draping batting with the most loft is Hobbs Tuscany poly, Hobbs new 20/80 wool/cotton blend is soft and drapes nicely.  The old standby Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton/poly also drapes well.  For the quilting thread, less is more drape, more softness, and more warmth.  The kids in our family always want flannel on the back and last year two of them requested fleece (OSU) on the back.  So they get what they order.  It's a good feeling to know they appreciate quilts and someone who sews them!  And they can't use just one; they want a pile of quilts, one to use on the floor in front of the TV, one to put in the car for trips, one or more for the bed, one for each special interest and a new one when their interest changes.  I have two grand nephews who get on the internet, find the fabric they want then order a quilt made with that fabric!

Two more custom pieces finished last week.  Want to finish up two more this week that are 50% done.  I was working my way through a two-year list of customs, now down to about a one year list.  The giant king size quilts take a lot of time and coordination.  At this time we are taking no new orders for T shirt quilts, but we have been referring folks to someone who will do a great job for you.

I'll try to get a good video on FB this week to cut the bias and also turning the binding corner.  Good to see the snowbirds back, and they brought some beautiful cool fall weather with them.

Ella at Alma Sue's Quilts