Attic Windows Everywhere!

     Did you see what we did with a panel?  Cut it up and made attic windows out of it.  Click on FaceBook "Alma Sue's Quilt Shop" to see the Santa panel.

CLASS to make this panel is Tuesday, Sept. 29 from 1-4 pm
The fabric kit is PRECUT, so all you need to do is sit and sew.
Class + panel + fabric kit + instructions = $42.00
Strictly limited to 4 students.
Call 941-330-0993 to sign up for this class

I like this email program because it is easy to read on mobile devices and telephones.  Problem is with adding photos.  The commercial formats available with easy pictures come across so tiny I can't read them on my phone.  Not sure what's the best thing - able to read the script, or see a photo and can't read the email.  At any rate, all the pictures are uploaded and available on our FACEBOOK.  So check there, and LIKE our FB, or you can send a friend request, then you will always see what we are doing, what is in the quilting frame, what we finished for custom orders, and what we are doing for class.

Anyway, Attic Windows.  I am so excited about this new technique we are cutting up everything!  Besides the Christmas panel for class, we cut up
a new BLACK BEAR panel for my brother's hunting cabin
the new TREES fabric from Robt Kaufman.  A stand of trees in blue, brown, and gold being cut and sewed today.  Will upload to FACEBOOK tomorrow. 

Other panels in line are the Halloween OWL panel, a HORSE panel, WOLF panel, you get the idea!  Once you learn the technique, apply it to anything.  A print of large colorful flowers
A wildlife scene
Monet's field of flowers panel
Cardinal Rule panel

That's what we did last week.  Also finished several custom orders for Oct and Nov - 2 t shirt quilts, a custom horse quilt, custom patriotic quilt.
We are trying to get all deadline orders done early; invariably someone in my family gets ill or needs help around the holidays, adding even more pressure to timed completions.  This month I am helping my 87-year-old aunt pack and get moved to assisted living up north.

The bad news is that Andover has stopped printing the dimples blenders.  The good news is we are stocking as much as possible while the warehouse still has bolts.  The suspicion arose when the last color card went from 8 pages to 2 pages.  And then when I ordered 15 bolts to restock and only got 3 shipped.  So there it is.  If an unfinished project in  your binuses dimples, better check to be sure there is enough to finish.  

Second bad news is that our best background fabric for 13 years (P&B Rambling Lash) is now discontinued.  Good news is I was able to snag 200 yards left in the warehouse.  The gals at P&B are still shaking their heads.  They told me this is the all time best selling fabric in the P&B line and no one knows why it will no longer be sold.  If you need more of this fabric or want to purchase a bolt, check with me or Fannie.  We have it tucked away in the back.  Discount if you want an entire bolt.

We managed to snag more Florida fabric which was custom printed for the FL shop hop.  Also check out the cute beach bag made from this fabric (designed by Ladybug quilt shop in Jacksonville).  Kit includes fabric and all notions to finish bag.  Easy to sew with rope handles and elastic sides so it holds a ton of beach paraphernalia, sand bucket, blanket, towels, even a large quilt.  Will upload photos on FB tomorrow.

What works and what doesn't? 
When doing free motion quilting on small pieces like stockings, advent calendars and table runners, I use my fingertips, not palms to guide the fabric through the machine.  Gloves are too bulky and don't provide the best fingertip control for me they way I quilt.  So I went on a search to find a "gripper" product to use when quilting on my sewing machine. 
I tried Lickety Grip, a newer product, in a container looks like salve.  Rub your fingertips over the salve and the advertisement says it gives your fingers traction to "grip" fabric.  Doesn't work for me.  In fact, my fingers get more slippery, so I can't even grip a pin.
What works best for me are those finger cots, they look like tips cut from vinyl gloves.  Similar to the fingertips that secretaries and mail handlers use when sorting paper.

KLEPTO IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!  Available for sale are snap on feet for your sewing machine, quarter inch foot, walking foot, pleater, and stitch in the ditch foot.  These are in the locked cabinet near the cash register.  Apparently someone needed these feet.  The store sewing machines are stored on the shelves at the rear of the store.  Some of the folks attending open sew each week also leave their machines on this rack.  To our surprise when we pulled off a machine to use, the snap-on foot was missing.  Two other machines and a student machine were also missing the snap on feet, one missing the adaptor needed when switching from walking foot to snap on foot.  Okay, so you want to steal from the shop but please don't take the student's supplies!  When caught, we do not simply allow the shoplifter to "pay" we call 911 and prosecute. 
And will the lady who "lifted" the pack of row by row fat quarters and "forgot" to pay please return the packet.  You see, we know who you are and know your vehicle description.  We were out of the FQ packets and had just cut 2 more, wrapped them and put them on the Row table.  You came in to get a FREE pattern for your daughter-in-law, then quickly left.  No one else was in the shop, and when we turned around, one of the FQ packets was missing.  Won't you be embarrassed when next time we upload the video to Facebook?