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Solids are $7/yard
Marbles are $7/yard (Moda and Kaufman)
(does not include Hoffman batik marbles)
FQ are 1.80 each, bundles of solids and marbles are 20% off

How long has it been since you have seen the bottom of that plastic bin?  This is a good time to clean out the stash and sew it up, and start over (collecting fabric that is).  That stash probably needs some basics to finish a project, so here is a good time to get some solids and marbles blenders.  Reminds me of my laundry bin - I haven't seen that bottom either for several months!
     Did any of you see the CSI program last week about the lady who was a hoarder, Level 4?  Scary.  I looked over my sewing room and wondered if I was a hoarder and at what level.  In the show, the woman 's daughter died of a concussion and was buried under her "stuff" and the poor lady didn't know her daughter was there.  I told this story to one of my shoppers today and she immediately corrected me that her fabric was carefully placed in plastic bins lined up in a closet (or two or three), and this did not constitute "hoarding" but was "organized stash."
     We continually cut pillowcase kits for ConKerr.  The kits are FREE.  Pick up one or several, sew them up and bring them back to Alma Sue's for pickup by ConKerr.
     A new program for those fine ladies who sew Kidz Quilts.  Buy one - get one free.  Please identify yourself as a Kidz Quilts sewist, and when you buy fabric to make a quilt for the Kidz, we will match the purchase with an equal amount of fabric of the same price range - 5 yard limit.  The old program was too bulky, too much paperwork, and we need to be in charge of the program and the rules.
Needle News:  How many different sizes of needles are in your sewing room?  Besides the universal needle, there is the sharp (microtex), quilting, metallic, jeans, leather, embroidery, etc.  Instead of having ten different kinds, the Topstitch needle can replace most of them.  The Topstitch is a hybrid needle, taking the best features from the others and combining them into one.  The eye is twice a long as other needle eyes, allowing thread to pass through without stress (a small eye is like lacing a shoelace through a too small eyelet and you know how that lace frays).  The Topstitch groove is wider and deeper, allowing thread to lie in the groove and be protected, avoiding excess friction.  So instead of carrying lots of different needles, carry only the four sizes of topstitch - 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, and 100/16.  The kind of thread you are using determines the size of needle to use - NOT the kind of fabric you are sewing.
     Use a 70/10 to sew with fine threads like silk, bottom line, mono poly.
     Use an 80/12 to sew size 50 thread.
     Use a 90/14 to sew with size 40 thread like King Tut or YLI.
     Use a 100/16 to sew with a heavy thread.
I am eliminating the inventory of all the assorted needles and will eventually carry mostly the four above.  Now wait a week or two for me to re-stock before running in to get all these needles!

StarSpin Wallhanging:  Instructor Susan Yoder.  Friday Nov. 5 and Friday Nov. 12, 1-4 pm.  $25 for 2 sessions.
  Confident Beginner.  If you can make a log cabin block, you can do this quilt.  Learn the technique by maing a 48 x 48 wallhanging or throw, then make a large bed size later if you wish.  A 4-color spin with 5 shades (5 values)  takes 1/8 yard of 20 different fabrics.  Kit with 20 colors, 1 yard background, 1 yard borders and binding is available to students for $48 less 10% discount.  If you want to use your stash, bring your fabric and we will help you with the missing values.  Samples in the shop:  a blue one-color spin and a four multi -color spin.  Call the shop at 941-330-0993 to join in the class.

Free Motion Quilting:  Instructor Dawn Kurth.  Saturday Nov. 6, 2-5 pm $15 OR Saturday, Nov. 27, 10 am-1 pm.  $15.  This is a one-session, immediate hands on class, no lectures.  Bring your machine with a darning foot.  Drop the feed dogs and practice free motion quilting for 3 hours.  The shop has muslin/batting sandwiches for practice, or bring your own quilt to be done.  Call 941-330-0993 to schedule.  LIMIT to 4 quilters.

Long Arm quilting:   We are taking names and telephone numbers for those who want to be scheduled in November to use the long arm.  We have been working out tension issues, and now are beginning to learn what works and what does not work.  Thread and batting have never been so important!   The machine loves Hobbs and Quilters Dream batting and 40 weight thread.  It hates bamboo batting! which set up back several days and even required a techie visit.  Don't bring bamboo batting!  Bring a piece to begin quilting.  Denise and Margie will work with you.  Call the shop at 941-330-0993 to be placed on the list. 

That's all for now.  Will talk about thread next time.  There is actually a 3-day school held by Superior Threads in Threadology.  Life was so simple when I learned to sew with my mother.  We changed the needle when it broke, and we used whatever thread Sears sold!